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  1. Pre-Xmas 2010 MEGA SALE!!

    Knight Racer
    Hey guys, Here's a list of stock we got for pre-xmas sales (VALID ONLY FROM NOW UNTIL 24th December 2010 and ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST, once these stock have gone then new stock will be back to original prices). On average there is around 2-3 of each item listed below.. some only 1, some maybe 3...
  2. October's Group Buys For the R32 GTS & GTR

    Right then guys. With the vat increase looming, now is a good time to save some of those well earned pennies and a bit extra with our group buys We will be running these till the end of the month (October 31st). Same format as before: When we close the group buys we ask for a 20% deposit...
  3. £350 NEW NISMO CARBON BONNET! R33 GTS damage

    Knight Racer
    Got this HYBRID CARBON BONNET which got damaged in the container on way here. R33 GTS Spec 1 Nismo HYBRID CARBON BONNET. From photos below you can see its an ultra light and ultra strong real carbon bonnet, doesnt even need the fibreglass backing skeleton or plates like regular carbon bonnets...
  4. only £499.99 R33 GTS Nismo Hybrid Carbon Bonnet

    Knight Racer
    LIMITED TO 3 LUCKY MEMBERS ONLY!! 1. Multics - PAID & COLLECTED 2. [email protected] - PAID & SENT 3. These are our finest R33 GTS Nismo Z-Tune Hybrid Carbon Bonnets Manufactured using Hybrid Carbon Technology. Please check out the write up in our blog page...
  5. R33 Hybrid Carbon Bootlid

    Knight Racer
    100% exact mold of the genuine Nissan bootlid. Fitment guaranteed! 100% perfect real carbon weave pattern. Ultra light weight. Unlike others, this has minimal fibreglass content. Why? because it has real carbon fibre, paired up with our Hybrid Resin, meaning its stronger, more flexible, hence...
  6. R33 GTS Trial Front Bumper £230

    Knight Racer
    Perfect fitment guaranteed!! Prepped, primed and meshed £230 + £35 UK DELIVERY (pm me for other destinations)
  7. R32 Do Luck £499.99 Bargain!

    Knight Racer
    R32 GTS Do Luck Kit: Front Bumper Side Skirts Rear Bumper RRP £899.99 (as seen on our website NOW FORUM OFFER £499.99 ONLY 1 kit left! Shipping within UK £45.00
  8. Skyline GTS R33 2.5

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi Just got my first skyline after wanting one for many years, i am changing the cam belt and water pump, also putting new shocks on the rear as you wouldnt beleive how bouncy it is. The paper work i have with the car is next to nothing, does anyone have the owners manual on pdf for example...
  9. R32 GTS DoLuck style kit ONLY £499.99!

    Knight Racer
    Got 1 kit left! Very high quality FRP, very rigid, very strong, very durable! No air pockets in the fibreglass, no dry patches, 100% quality guaranteed with high quality resin and gel coat finish. - Front Bumper - Side Skirts - Rear bumper Retail Price £899.99 NOW £499.99! plus delivery
  10. GT badge from bottom of wing??

    Parts Wanted
    Hi all, Im after something really silly! Im after one of the Red and white GT badges that are attached to the base of the front wing, needs to be in good condition! Anybody?? Cheers Paul