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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey there guys, I have a GTS4 that is factory manual, with the FS5R30A gearbox. I also have a RB30 that I want to put into it. Since this is the same code as the one in the GTR (albeit different with the push/pull) is it able to handle the power and torque that an RB30 can put out? I'm aiming...
  2. General
    Hey guys, I've had an idea and I want to know (educated) peoples ideas on it. I have 3 R33 Skylines at the moment (1x GTST that is fairly modified but fire damaged), 1x Sedan that is my daily driver, and 1x GTS4 R33 coupe that is mechanically sound but heavily crash damaged). I also have an...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hi, I'm after the following bits for my R32 GTS4: - Standard ECU - Standard Injectors - HKS SSQV (Will the R33 RB25 GTS-T fit my rb20?!) With fitting kit I'm after the standard r32 rb20det parts for the ecu and injectors rather than after market ones, as I've got a rising sun ecu & gtr...
  4. Parts Wanted
    Hi, I'm after some parts for my r32 GTS4 (2 door): - Set of working door/boot/ignition locks - Standard ECU - Standard Injectors All of which I'd need delivering, and would be paying through paypal. Thanks in advance folks! John
    Hey guys Im finally after my first skyline and it has to be an r32 :D.. I've looked at a few but theres two I've seen today that I really liked. I've always wanted a GTS4 but have read they use a decent amount more gas and I know they'd also be harder to find bits for for manual conversions...
1-5 of 6 Results