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  1. Looking for a R33 GTST '97 Series 2 frond drivers side right headlight.

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a R33 GTST '97 Series 2 frond drivers side right headlight. I have cash waiting in my paypal and i need one asap! Thanks.
  2. Skyline r33 wide body help

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hi all, Im new to this so excuse me if i do somthing wrong Lol So i started my project my car is skyline r33 gtst but gtr registered:naughty: Ive done a wide body modification My archs have now been modified by 100mm its f'in wide haha its all custom works current wheels are 9.5j et 37 I...
  3. Fitment

    Hey all. I have a 94 r33 Gtst and am in the middle of looking at a new set of wheels. I want to run 18x10.5+20. Not sure of tire size just yet. Does anyone know if it will effect my turning radius or if it will rub on the inner fender or anywhere when I drop it down. If so what kind of work did...
  4. Rb20e spec 2 to rb25det spec 1

    N/A Forum
    Has anybody on here converted a non turbo skyline to a spec 1 rb25DET before?? I have a few questions as mine is being an absolute pain to do.. Like the loom I brought doesn't seem to match all plugs on the engine and the start charge loom has a battery plug on it but my battery is in the boot...
  5. Rear Suspension/Rattle

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    I just bought a 1994 Gtst and when I hit bumps something in the rear rattles. Ive checked the bolts to the coils and strut bar multiple times but havent found anything yet. The noise seems to be getting worse. Can anyone tell me what it is? A friend of mine said it could be a bushing.
  6. R33 Rear Suspension

    Hello everyone I just picked up a 1994 R33 gtst in iowa. I dont whats making noise in the rear but everytime I hit a bump in the road something rattles. Some people said the struts could be blown and or the bushings could be bad. I checked the trunk and behind the seat for loose items but there...
  7. Spec 2 GTST. 395 BHP

    Cars for Sale
    The time has come for me to say goodbye to Skyline ownership so for sale is my Spec 2 GTST. It's not a show car and it needs an owner who is willing and able to spend money on it but it is fast and reliable. I use it everyday and it has never let me down. It's as comfortable pottering around as...
  8. HP mods

    Hey any useful tips on engine mods to increase horsepower on my gtst? Want to gain a bit of power without breaking the bank. Thanks!
  9. July Special on Sytec Fuel filters

    Hi Peeps, We have a special on these filters "WHEN THESE ARE GONE THEY ARE GONE" The Larger uprated Sytec Fuel filters, superb filters with the uprated extra flow, GTSt fitment They are now £7.50 each with £3.00 UK postage £10.50 posted all in Worldwide postage is available please contact us...