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  1. R32 GTSt Type MR clone

    Projects and Restorations
    So three years ago i purchased my 1992 Skyline GTSt Type M from a buddy. It was a bog standard GTSt Type M, one owner car, garaged kept in Tokyo. It was around this time i discovered an extremely rare regional variant of the R32 GTSt built in 1992 (Saitama) and 1993 (Kanagawa) to represent the...
  2. rb25 two step

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    i have a r32 with an series 2 rb25det. here’s a list of mods. there are others that i have not listed. im wondering how to get 2 step or launch control for cheap. could i just get a dyno tune? i want to stay away from the Bee R rev limiters because they destroy your turbo. any thoughts? -HKS...
  3. R32 GTR fuel pump in gtst

    I am looking to replace my fuel pump in my 90 gtst with a aftermarket walboro 255. A seller on ebay has one for a gtr and i was wondering if that would fit into the tank.
  4. R33 parts need to go!

    Parts for Sale
    R33USED parts cheap cus they need to go! Hi Due to house move a garage clearout is required and to help fund moving too! R33 GTSt exhaust front pipe OE £25.00 R33 GTSt turbo elbow £20.00 R33 GTR (96) Aircon pump £ 50.00 R33 climate control unit £30.00 R33 GTR triple guage set oil...
  5. FS: R32 GTR Leather trimmed interior (R33 fitment)

    TMS Motorsport (aka The Moff Shop)
    Hi guys, We've just got these seats in stock, R32 GTR Front seats re-trimmed in leather and what we suspect to be R32 GTR rear bench (R33 fitment). Really good condition with no wear on the bolsters, bit of sagging on the drivers seat base. Ideally after £950.00 however I'm open to sensible...
  6. R33 GTST Poor Performance/Tuning Help

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi Guys, I have a 95 gtst that is mostly stock. Only mods are an hks cool air intake and trust muffler that is pretty damn quiet. Not satisfied with how this thing pulls. The car is fun handling wise, but without an actual map reading It feels like it's running a weak 200hp/150kw. I'd be...
  7. Where are my AZ SkyGuys at??

    I'm new here, looking into importing a GTs-T to have as my own finally (oh yis). Looking to talk to a few guys here in AZ about their Skylines and maybe learn a little from the crew! Good experiences? Bad experiences? Cool tips? Things I should avoid like the plauge? Lemme know! :bounce:
  8. In the market for coilovers

    I'm looking for a good set of coilovers for my R32 GTS-t. I do a good heap of road racing so, harsh cornering is going to be a thing, but this car is also my daily. I've been looking up on some reviews and such and also the difference before pillow ball and rubber mounts. Anyway, I came to the...
  9. R32 GTS-t Radiator fitment question

    I'm in the market to get a new radiator (the oem one took a crap). Anyways, I'm in the US and the place I've going to get parts for my r32 is rawbrokerage (which is a hour up state). Mishimoto Performance Radiator R32 - Raw Brokerage Koyo 53mm Aluminum Racing Radiator for Nissan Skyline GTR...
  10. Toyo Sports 3" exhaust straight through R33 GTS-T

    Parts for Sale
    As titled I'm selling a Toyo Sports 3" exhaust for a r33 GTS-T,the exit of this exhaust is 4.5". It's in good condition but it is in need of a clean, it will polish up to a nice mirror finish. looking for £150 ono for this, collection is preferred from RM15 Essex or DA11 kent, I can post at...
  11. R32 GTST Losing power and Random shtdown

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi all, I was a member about 6 years ago and now I got myself a fresh import gtst so I'm back in the game. Just received my 32 off the boat and was so excited to have another 32 in my life but... my joy was short lived. After a initial drive, i noticed the car was losing power at random points...
  12. Any R33/R34 skyline for sale? (Ireland only)

    Made the mistake of selling my R33 GTST. She was beautiful. 2.5 turbo and produced around 430bhp. Someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Gave me well over what I paid for it but now I regret it big time. Miss it's sounds! Anyway any clean R33/R34 for sale ? Doesn't need to have big...
  13. R34 GTT hubs and brakes on R33 GTS

    What would I need to replace my 4 stud R33 GTS brakes and with 5 stud GTT brakes and hubs? I've been told they will fit, just have to replace more than if I replaced them with R33 GTST brakes, but they didn't go into what else I would need to replace. Cheers guys.
  14. R32 Overfenders.

    Hi, I was looking at a few R32 photos on my phone, and I saw one and thought "Wow, that looks really different to any other GTST I have seen." I looked into the owners build thread and he said it had overfenders on it (but he might have been talking about when he bought it and he could have...
  15. R33 GTR & GTS/T body differences?

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Is there a lot of difference in body size between the GTR and the GTS/T's? I'm after some parts for my GTR (undertray and wheel arch cover, in Parts wanted) and have been offered GTS/T bits. Will these fit? Cheers in advance guys for your help.
  16. Drew's white R33

    Projects and Restorations
    Hi everyone this is not really a long build thread but more of a before and after, this is my r33 gtst when I first got it. And here's how she looks now, GTR style front bumper, full respray, front mount intercooler, clear nismo side indicators, air intake pipe, LED day time...
  17. Turbo upgrade GTST

    Turbonetics 60 series a good turbo upgrade for my r33 GTST??

    OK, so I've been thinking... I'am in 2 minds whether to buy a GTST and transfer parts I've bought for my GTS across to it ..and sell on my GTS either for parts etc.. Or Buy a GTST Engine and drop it into my GTS.. (which could work out more costly) :attention: But should I choose to do a...
  19. R33 GTR/GTs parts must go!

    Parts for Sale
    Hi I need these gone as I have no space to store them at my new house. 2x white door mirrors in good working order £65.00 delivered uk 1 black drivers door mirror in good working order £40.00 delivered uk 1x pair GTR front lower suspension arms blasted & in silver. £60.00 delivered uk 1x...
  20. Wide body kit

    Hey, wondering if anyone knew where i could get ahold of a wide body kit for my 93 r33 gtst