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  1. Different R34 Center consoles for GTT?

    Hey all! I'm new here and this is my first post(Sorry to the admins if its not in the correct section!!) I am in the process of importing an R34 to Canada and I was wondering a few things... I'm looking for a GTT with fairly low mileage (50-100k KMS), manual trans, no accidents and overall...
  2. R34 GTT Black Manual

    Cars for Sale
    - - - SOLD SOLD SOLD - - - The time has come for me to sell my beloved Skyline. I'm going for a much more modern car and can't really keep two cars as much as it pains me! 1998 R34 Nissan Skyline 2.5 GTT manual in Black (Nismo). Imported in January 2003 by Bristol Imports Direct. One owner in...
  3. JAE 2016

    I was just wondering is the club going to JAE this year. I'm thinking of going and wondering if there's a stand or if anyone knows of a club with a stand that fancy another skyline on it. Cheers Chris
  4. R34 GTT to GTR?

    Hey guys, I've had an idea and I want to know (educated) peoples ideas on it. I have 3 R33 Skylines at the moment (1x GTST that is fairly modified but fire damaged), 1x Sedan that is my daily driver, and 1x GTS4 R33 coupe that is mechanically sound but heavily crash damaged). I also have an...
  5. Newbie to skylines looking at an R34 GTT

    Hi guys I'm a newbie in the skyline world always wanted an R34 since I was a kid realizing I'll never be able to get a GTR I've just sold my escort cosworth and got my heart set on a bayside GTT. I've been looking at this one and I'm after some advise on prices and this late model front bumper I...
  6. r34 GTT idle problem

    My skyline idles funny once its warmed up. Ive stopped driving it because i get paranoid. It idles weird when i push the clutch down to, and i can feel the clutch vibrating. Sometimes it will die if i let the revs drop without revving so had a feeling maybe vacuum leak? But dont understand the...
  7. R34 GTT hubs and brakes on R33 GTS

    What would I need to replace my 4 stud R33 GTS brakes and with 5 stud GTT brakes and hubs? I've been told they will fit, just have to replace more than if I replaced them with R33 GTST brakes, but they didn't go into what else I would need to replace. Cheers guys.
  8. R34 Bootlid & GTT Spoiler

    Parts for Sale
    Bootlid and spoiler from a R34 Nissan skyline GTT, In KV2 - athlete silver, Paint starting to bubble round tail light and very minor rust, Also a few minor scratches so probably could do with respraying, Spoiler is in good condition. £120 collected Any questions just message me (:
  9. R34 GTT Coilpack

    Parts Wanted
    Hi Guys, I'm in need of a coilpack. I have uprated ones from SPA but I have damaged one in the process of ruining my old engine! So £2700 later I'm still only running on 5 cylinders. If anyone has one spare please give me a shout. Thanks :cheers:
  10. R33 GTR & GTS/T body differences?

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Is there a lot of difference in body size between the GTR and the GTS/T's? I'm after some parts for my GTR (undertray and wheel arch cover, in Parts wanted) and have been offered GTS/T bits. Will these fit? Cheers in advance guys for your help.
  11. NEW IN STOCK R34 GTT IMPUL Front Bumper £199.99!

    Knight Racer
    Got these freshly made out the factory got 10 in stock £199.99 each with FREE DELIVERY within UK R34 GTT Fitment GUARANTEED FITMENT
  12. Buyin an r34 GTT (need help!)

    Hi, I recently found an r34 gtt on trademe, as im thinking of buying an automatic one then putting in a manual transmission and doing the rest from there. It has 200km on the clock, and could someone also please certify if this is a legitamite r34 GTT, as im not entirely sure as the tail looks...
  13. Most perfect fitting R34 Vented Wings - metal!

    Knight Racer
    These are a genuine NISSAN set of front wings for R34 GTT which we used to fabricate our own vent design and used to develop our FRP molds (which is why our fenders are such a good fit ;) ) These originals are now up for sale! £250 + £35 P&P one-off!
  14. R34 GTT/GTR Carbon Mirrors Group buy

    Fully Loaded Cars
    We have these carbon mirrors available for group buy. Usual price is £250 plus £15 postage. Group buy price £225 plus £15 postage. We can do this price for 5 orders. The carbon mirrors are a direct replacement for your old ones and not a cover like others on Ebay. Simply remove the glass and...
  15. Headroom for Tall Skyline drivers

    Hi I am about to buy my first skyline after a lifetime of driving slower Japanese cars. I am quite tall, around 6'4", and I have had a bit of trouble squeezing into some of the cars that I have seen so far. I went to Japfest (great show, but an hour queuing to get in and longer to get out...
  16. Auto tranny oil cooler?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    I was reading that oil in the auto tranny must not be too hot or too cool, is it a good idea if I get an 9 or 13 row oil cooler and fit it INSTEAD of the one which is integrated in the killer? Would I need a thermostate? What temperature is normal for tranny oil in a GTT?
  17. R34 GTT Carbon Slam Panels

    Knight Racer
    Got these in stock for £99.99 delivered to forum members, while stocks last!
  18. Genuine IMPUL Side Skirts R34GTT NEW! £250 ONO

    Knight Racer
    Got a BRAND NEW set of GENUINE IMPUL Side Skirts for the R34 GTT Looking for £250 or nearest OFFER ;)
  19. R34 OEM Standard Doors WHITE - £100 ONO

    Parts for Sale
    Got a set of standard doors off an R34 GTT, in white. few scratches but good condition. Take offers around £100 for the pair.
  20. R34 GTT Top Secret Bumper only £199.99!

    Knight Racer
    Hey guys! Got a few of these left in stock! Perfect quality, perfect fitment! RRP £293.75 Offer price £199.99 Postage and Packaging £35.00 within UK Optional: Painting £175.00