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  1. Tail Lights and headlights

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi everyone i have a 1989 Skyline R32 GTR that i just picked-up the other day, however one of my tail lights is out and one of the head lights (Series one headlights). Im wondering what bulbs will fit for them?
  2. RB25det parts for sale.. Fund the last parts for my R33gtst!

    Parts for Sale
    Selling part of my R33 project to finance getting the dumb thing started; All prices listed are in US Dollars, so everyone gets my crappy exchange rates as a bonus! Yeay! Everything listed is priced O.B.O. and without shipping costs included in the asking prices. All parts are located in...
  3. R33 GTR Headlights

    Parts for Sale
    Hi Here are the 2 headlights I kept for my car as spares which I am now selling Drivers side £ 100.00 inc P&P Passenger side with top bracket repair which is sound hence £70.00 inc p&p Repair cheers Martyn
  4. Japanese to German headlight conversion

    Just got my R34 in Germany, still has the light positioned for right hand drive which cost me to fail my inspection, I was told I need them "modified" or repositioned. I took the car to a dealership here, they said they might be able to do it but most likely the headlights will need replaced...
  5. Xmas special - ultra slim hid kits £59.99!

    Knight Racer
    Perfect for winter months especially when the days are shorter and its almost pitch black by 5pm! So we are offering these as a XMAS SPECIAL! ;) These are a NEW range of HID Xenon kits available at Knight-Racer and we got PLENTY of stock! ULTRA THIN/SLIM Ballast packs making it a lot...