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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi all, recently got myself a skyline r34 gtt series 2 (wooohoo :) ), this I my first skyline so im new to diagnosing problems. The car drove fine for the first 2000km after I brought it, no issues with anything, out of nowhere I completely lost boost for about 10mins and then came back out of...
  2. General
    Im having trouble finding a cold air intake online that will fit my 93 r33 gtst
  3. General
    Hey any useful tips on engine mods to increase horsepower on my gtst? Want to gain a bit of power without breaking the bank. Thanks!
  4. General
    Hey, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a good well made upgrade intake manifold. 93 R33 gtst Thanks!
  5. General
    Hi guys, I've recently had my r34 gtt written off, the damage is so minor on the body just the slightest of dents on the o/s rear quarter panel just where the bumper joins. It's been recorded as a cat c. My question is once I get her back on the road after replacing the rear hicas unit, what is...
1-5 of 5 Results