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help needed

  1. Fuel pressure on RB25DET

    So I installed a greddy manifold and fuel rail on my RB25DET Neo and I’m having trouble setting the correct fuel pressure (43psi without vacuum). Every time I try set it the needle on the gauge flutters like mad. I can set the fuel pressure just below 40psi and the needle stays still. As soon as...
  2. overboost issue

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hello, my r33 gtst normally runs about 11/12 psi. ive had an oil leak and yesterday changed both cam seals. put it all back together and timed it with a light. went out today and its now boosting to 15psi! any ideas as clearly its not right. could I have missed the timing by 1 tooth? would...
  3. Assistance with my R33 gts-t S1

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi folks, ( not been on here for years but glad to be back home ) My 94' r33 gts-t S1 has developed some faults recently, basicly put the pedal to the metal when overtaking a tractor, she suddenly stuttered, heard the turbo spool down then started choking. I got back in but ultimately ended up...
  4. what could it be.....

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    i have a 1995 s1.5 r33. was driving "spirited" the other night and the oil temps got up fairly high (220-240) the oil pressures did not drop other than the normal when lifting off etc. after stopping i noticed a little smoke behind me but couldn't see anything when pulling away in other cars...
  5. Hai! I'm a new owner looking for bitz

    Newbies 350/g35
    Hey I'm Scotti, recently bought my skyline 350. Ferrari grey, 20" rims, Nismo exhaust and bits. I have had to fix so much already but she's running well now. I'm after the common fault passenger window motor and a full drivers seat with frame as there's some dodgy welding down there. Anyone...
  6. Rb25 technical help please

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello all, My turbo unfortunately gave up at a drift evening last night. I'd planned to upgrade at some point it's just come sooner than I expected. Car currently has the big standard supporting mods,profec b, front mount, decat back, yadda yadda..... I've spent all morning reading through...
  7. What wheels are these?

    i know they are Desmond Promodas but i was wondering what type?
  8. worrying oil pressure

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hello, i have a r33 rb25det with semi synthetic 10-40w oil. when the car is fully warm and been driven normally for say an hour the oil sits at around 180-200f however the oil pressure is dropping to around 9 or 10 psi on idle at traffic lights. its all topped up to just below the max line. is...
  9. hks turbo timer problem

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    i have searched and can't seem to find much, i have their turbo timer that includes 0-60 and the rpm and speed function. admittedly 99% of the time ill use the dials but to know top speed it holds a peak. what i need to know is can i just wire it in to the wires behind the dials or do i need to...
  10. New to skylines

    Hey guys, big time for me.. loved skylines ever since i saw one (about 10 years ago) however my knowledge on cars in general is low... about to purchase my first skyline looking to sell my 2013 elantra to do so. So my question to you all is: What kinds of things am i looking for not to get a...
  11. Ecu problems, tuning help.

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    R32 w/ rb25det s2 MAJOR PROBLEMS Okay I've got a serious problem my MAF is good but my car is stuck in limo mode or saftey mode it won't rev past 2500 rpm and I don't know what is wrong I've tried resetting the ecu by disconnecting the battery and pushing the brakes then connecting the battery...
  12. Need some advice on a 1991 Skyline R32 GTST

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    I am looking for someone to give me advice on this 91 skyline. I have never owned a Skyline and do not know the history of the engine/transmission. I would like to know if $8000 is reasonable for the GTST with 100,000km on it. Questions: Were there any issues with transmissions, clutches...
  13. frustrated!

    I have in my mind a picture of a white R34 with a vinyl decal of a samurai warrior wielding a sword in I cant seem to find it anywhere...anyone seen it or know who sells the item???? or am I finally going mad and imagining the whole thing.....
  14. possible purchase...thoughts???

    General am seriously considering this as a purchase...yes I know its an auto, but it is going to be used as a daily motorway commuter for my work....rb20de i assume...thoughts and advice welcome.....
  15. turbo advice help pls

    ok i have an r33 gtst yesterday the turbo started rattling i pulled over as soon as i noticed it but had to limp home about 1 mile the turbos defo dead the shaft has alot of play and the fins look warped the turbo is a hks gt 2535 now i don't know if id be better sending it away to have it...
  16. Need help from someone local.

    Can anyone in birmingham help me out, i just swaped my engine in my r33 gtst as my previous one had worn rings. I bought an exact engine replacment from a respectable guy on here in working order. I fitted it in... it turns over but just doesnt want to start... everything is plugged in as i t...
  17. Need help for upgrades

    I have a 1997 R33 GTS-25T Spec 2 and I am looking to put upgraded turbo, intercooler, cold air intake, and just random goodies in the car. Only problem is I am having a hard time finding the parts I need that will fit my car. Any help?
  18. Help!!!

    HELLO, PLEASE HELP ME!! I need a front windshield for my 93' R33 GTST. I work in the US military and I will be leaving Belgium in 2 months and need a new front window to pass CT in Belgium. I plan on selling my car but as you know you cant sell without valid CT.. HELP!!!
  19. Turbo help! D:

    Hey guy, im new to this forum i decided to join because im a little stuck! would be great if u guy could help me So ive bought my self a R33 skyline (non turbo) and i want to put a turbo on it now, i was wondering would it be easy enough to do it my self.. i was thinking just a turbo without an...
  20. 2003 Nissan Skyline 350GT

    FAQ's 350/g35
    Please could somebody assist me with some advice about a 350GT. I live in Zimbabwe and have wanted a Skyline for some time but there is not much choice in our part of the world. I have now found a 2003 350GT (full Jap import) which has 78 000km on the clock and looks in pretty good nic all...