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  1. R32 HICAS issues..

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey all, newbie here. I've had an r32 here in south florida since may, been fixing it up. People say its one of the cleanest ones around here.. ..not to brag.. but anyway, I got some issues with my HICAS system, and I need some advice. When the car first got here, the HICAS light would come...
  2. Electrical problem? Power steering? HICAS? Help!

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Electrical problem? Power steering? HICAS? Help! Dash flickers and electrics cut out. Hi, I've tried searching for this problem for quite some time now and can't find it anywhere, so I've decided to make my own thread on it. If someone has seen it somewhere, please link me to it. So i have a...
  3. 1993 r33 hicas

    hi guys just recently purchased a r33 1993 and just registered for this site, i was wondering if my nissan skyline r33 does have hicas. i believe the hicas ecu is located in my boot? but then again i could be wrong.... cheers
  4. R33 GTST steering issue

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    A few months ago, my R33's steering started acting up. When I accelerate, especially when getting on the on-ramp to get on the highway or other quick accelerations, the steering wheel will shift but continue going straight. At first, it would shift to about 11 o'clock. About 2 months ago when I...
  5. Neutral position switch?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi all, I've been trouble shooting an intermittent Hicas problem for a while. I finally got it into diagnostic mode this morning and it gave me 'error 32' - 'Neutral position switch not present'. This is good news because I finally have a clue what may be wrong :) but ... does anyone know...
  6. looking for a hicas relay

    Hi all, Does anyone have a HICAS relay for an R33 they would like to sell? many thanks Andy
  7. R32 problems

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hello everyone, i recently got a 1990 gtr r32, and I'm having some problems with it. 1. extremly bad fuel consumption. my r32 can only do 3km on 1 liter when I'm driving very gentle (shifting before 3k rpm). the car is slightly moded, according to the previous owner, the engine was...
  8. R33 GTR HIcas and Airbag lights

    My car's got a gremlin, my air bag light is always on. I've had a new sensor (the yellow circular one) but it's back on after turning the car full lock. I've swapped the steering wheel for an aftermarket one with the correct boss etc, still didn't help. Then if I do say a 20min run, the hicks...
  9. Hicas.....??

    Right guys i have read all the info i can find on HICAs however it does not seem to metion my issue i have with it. So i have had the car for 3 weeks now and everytime i have filled up the HICAS light comes on and stays on untill the engine is started from cold again. It has only come on when...
  10. URGENT HELP: Fitting r33 boss kit hicas airbag clock spring

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hi, Really need some help. Been reading lots of forums, speaking to performance shop sales staff, and boss kit sales reps and getting a lot of conflicting/confusing information :confused: I drive a 1995 R33 GTS-T Series 1 with hicas and airbag and live in Australia. Firstly: My horn started...
  11. hicas controll unit

    Parts Wanted
    the hcu wanted the yellow thingy under the steering wheel for a r33spec1 gtst thanks looks like this thankyouuuuuuuuuuu :)
  12. R33 GT-R, wobble / twitch in a straight line?!

    Before anyone flames me, I've done about 1hr of trawling through the search results and found many suggestion/solutions, but would like a personal response to my findings. I could very well answer my own question here, but hey...that's what the forum's for eh? :) Firstly Happy New Year to all -...
  13. Hicas balljoint removal

    Just thought i would share my pain removing a ball joint for the hicas on my r33 gtst. What a pain in the chuff! ive read loads about how to do this including heat, pressing them out and all forms of attack. In the end i ground the ball joint end off and the flange allowing it out either way...