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    hey guys, so during a normal midday drive i noticed my car cutting fuel or ignition when reaching 2500-3000rpms. the problem increased with every 10min or so. now when i start it up it idles really low prob about 400-500rpms and looks like it running on 4 or 5 cylinders only with black smoke...
  2. r32 rb20de unstable idle

    N/A Forum
    I've had this problem for awhile now and not really sure what to check next. The car kind jerks in low rpm when the motor is cold, and then once its warmed up the idles goes back and forth between 600-900. I've noticed a slight smell of gas when this happens too. What I've done: Replaced plugs...
  3. r32 gts (rb20de) low idle at 500rpm

    Hey guys, picked up my first skyline a couple weeks ago but I'm having a time tracking down this low idle problem. The car seems fine when cold, but after it warms up it drops down to around 500rpm and seems like it stutters and misses randomly. I've put new plugs in and gapped them, I've...
  4. Need help plz. S1 r33 gts25t stalling and now won't start

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Now where to begin, it all started 3 weeks ago when i drove off in my car leaving my house. I let the car warm up and as soon as i get to the first light my car decided to stall. I fired it back up with no problems and drove to the next light where it decided to stall again. This time the car...
  5. r34 GTT idle problem

    My skyline idles funny once its warmed up. Ive stopped driving it because i get paranoid. It idles weird when i push the clutch down to, and i can feel the clutch vibrating. Sometimes it will die if i let the revs drop without revving so had a feeling maybe vacuum leak? But dont understand the...
  6. RB26 AAC Cleaning

    Projects and Restorations
    So I posted this on one of the other sites I am on; this is from last Saturday when I did some DIY work. I've got more plans to do work as the weather gets better so I'll keep posting. I'm new to this site so please let me know if this is not the right place to post. Introduction I've always...
  7. R33 Idling issues Haunting

    Hi, new to the forums but i feel this is the best place to get experts advise on the product So i appreciAte the time you take to read this Ive recently brought a 1994 R33 Gtst (If providing plate numbers helps let me know!) After leaving it to sit for about 1 month i disconected the battery...
  8. Idle Surge

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi, nothing serious, but my R33 GTST Ser1 has an odd habit of raising the idle by 200rpm or so for no apparent reason. This wouldn't really notice on a manual, but as its an auto, when carpark manouvering it's sometimes enough to move the car faster than I want... could be embarassing if backing...
  9. AAC valve

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Was having real problems with idleing on my r32 gtr, i checked butterfly settings, wiring to AAC, all hoses, gaskets (even went as far as pressure testing the inlet plenum on the car for air leaks), obviously i had cleaned out the AAC valve as best i could with carb cleaner to no avail. So i...