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    Hello, I am looking to buy my first Skyline, and am taking baby steps into the scene, looking at a 1993 GTS type J (60th anniversary) I wanted to start with something boring and slow, as this will be my first RHD vehicle. The vehicle I am looking at is in good condition, with ~91k km on the...
  2. General
    Yo, ive just purchased this 1993 GTS-T R33 with a 1JZ GTE Toyota engine 520bhp its currently in Spain but its Irish registered. Saw a Skyline owners sticker in the bay and was wondering if anyone knows anything about the car or any previous owners. Any help or info would be appreciated. She is...
    Hello all, I recently bought an R32 GTR from SW performance and was very happy. Everything concerning oimporting the car went very smooth thanks to a guy I know ear me who imports US cars but also does this. The only issue is, the belgian government asks for an attestation where the weight...
  4. Parts for Sale
    For the purists out there... I have an original (Japanese) R32 car manual for sale. Very good condition. £10 posted.
    i live in orange county, CA and i have someone that is wanting to trade a 95 r33 GTS-T for my subaru and after the mishap with Kaizo, i am having second thoughts. He said the importer was Inrex, which is still up and running ( He also claimed that he has never had a...
1-5 of 5 Results