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  1. IMPUL - Need help sourcing parts and impuls contact details

    Hi Guys Lookinh for some part for my 1998 R34 GT-T Aero One of my wheels has cracked in three places and is now not irrepairable. I believe they are Impul RS supercast lightweight alloy wheels Does anyone know where I could source one or more of these wheels please? Also, I need a new back...
  2. NEW IN STOCK R34 GTT IMPUL Front Bumper £199.99!

    Knight Racer
    Got these freshly made out the factory got 10 in stock £199.99 each with FREE DELIVERY within UK R34 GTT Fitment GUARANTEED FITMENT
  3. Genuine IMPUL Side Skirts R34GTT NEW! £250 ONO

    Knight Racer
    Got a BRAND NEW set of GENUINE IMPUL Side Skirts for the R34 GTT Looking for £250 or nearest OFFER ;)