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  1. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hello guys, ive done tons of research without coming to a conclusion. Firstly i want to apoligize for my not-so-good English. So what im looking for is a solution to getting both DRL (park lights) AND indicators fitted in my headlights. And i want them both to be fitted where the DRL already...
  2. General
    Hello, I am looking for a pair of r32 gtst indicators. Would shipping to us be available? And how much?
  3. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    hello, does anyone know how many pins the indicator has as i need to get an electronic one as can't find the right bulbs anywhere ti stop it flashing too fast
  4. Parts for Sale
    Standard R33 Wing mounted indicators, perfect condition £10 delivered. Regards Nick
1-4 of 4 Results