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  1. Insurance Deals
    I recently switched to Hagerty insurance, and they offer a discount on your yearly rate if you’re a member of a national car club. Are there any national clubs that I could join as an ecr33 owner? Or is anyone a current member of a national club? They example they gave me was the BMW owners of...
  2. Insurance Deals
    It’s National Best friend day today and we’ve got lots of love in the office! Our real love is our clubs and members who are kind enough to call us for insurance! If you want to see our loved up team today visit or if you need insurance please call 02380268351 or visit
  3. Insurance Deals
    I'm in the market for my first Skyline, and have just started looking. I was wondering what the form is with arranging temporary cover so that I can test drive the vehicles that I'm looking at. I would only need cover for one day at a time; is this do-able, or what's standard practise when it...
  4. Insurance Deals
    Hi i am about to take on a Nissan Skyline on Sat on the log book it is registered as a 2.5 GTST Manual, but the engine actually fitted is the RB20DET Auto and it looks like this is the original one fitted. When i phone up or go online to get insurance qoutes it always lists GTS 2.5 turbo man or...
1-4 of 5 Results