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    What's the big hose running from under the plenum to the intake pipe ? I've ran a straight pipe and got no where for it to go can I block it off or is there somewhere it can go? Also I've changed all inter cooler piping and have no nipples coming from them for any vacuum hoses is that okay or ...
  2. General
    Hey, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a good well made upgrade intake manifold. 93 R33 gtst Thanks!
  3. Knight Racer
    Just got brand new molds of these and the first 5 have just rolled out. Perfect fitment! White gel coat finish. Ready for painting! ONLY £69.99 each!
  4. Knight Racer
    New in stock! R33 AIR INTAKE headlight replacement (passenger side where intake filter is) RRP £105 Groupbuy price ... ONLY £50.00 (plus £8 postage and packaging, £15 to most parts of europe) So if you are within UK, total to pay is £50 + £8 + 3.5% paypal charge = £60 to [email protected]