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  1. General
    I've been thinking if it doesn't cost too much I may add a "Red" engine pipes upgrade/dress-up kit.. :attention: Does anyone know how many pipes etc need to be replaced, where to get them from and if kits are available etc for an R33 GTS Non Turbo ?? Many thanks in Advance :) - Martin. :cheers:
  2. General
    Hey, wondering if anyone knew where i could get ahold of a wide body kit for my 93 r33 gtst
  3. Fully Loaded Cars
    We have a Skyline coming in soon for a respray, good to see a member down here. Also we have one of these to build after the Skyline!
  4. Fully Loaded Cars
    The R334 Yokozuna wide body Kit for the R33 GTST or R33 GTR Skyline Designed by Fully Loaded Cars with perfection in mind. The body kit was made originally from sheet steel and then moulds were taken in fiberglass, so we can personally guarantee these body kits fit spot on, no inch over hangs...
  5. Knight Racer
    Brand new molds! Fitment Guarantee! R32 GTS Fitment Front Bumper x 1 Front Blister Wide Front Fenders x 2 Side Skirts x 2 Rear Bumper x 1 Rear Blister Wide Rear Quarter x 2 Total: 8 Pieces! RRP £999.99 + VAT Website Price £699.99 + VAT Price to skylineowners members £499.99...
  6. Knight Racer
    We have available HEL BRAKE LINE KITS for most vehicles! Specific to skylines we have: R32 GTSt R32 GTR R33 GTSt R33 GTR R34 GTT R35 GTR All 4-Line Kits are £58.33+VAT
  7. Knight Racer
    Only 1 left in stock PERFECT FITMENT ULTRA HIGH QUALITY, FULLY PREPED AND PRIMED, FULLY MESHED, HOLES PRE-DRILLED. ONE OF THE BEST QUALITY KITS YOU CAN FIND. R34 GTT Bomex Front Bumper R34 GTT Bomex Side Skirts R34 GTT Bomex Rear Bumper RRP £699.99 (as per website...
  8. Knight Racer
    R32 GTS Do Luck Kit: Front Bumper Side Skirts Rear Bumper RRP £899.99 (as seen on our website NOW FORUM OFFER £499.99 ONLY 1 kit left! Shipping within UK £45.00
1-8 of 8 Results