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  1. 1 OR 2 KITS !?

    General ^I just bought a set of these HID R33 Conversion lamps with lamps rated at 5000k (I wanted to steer away from the blue hue that the higher K-rating put out.. I am thinking of using the above 55W kit for full beam ...and am contemplating getting the 35w...

    I am really liking this front bumper and am thinking of buying it !! ..I also like the GTS/GTR front bumber and the 400R also, ideally I want to add rally-grade HID Fog's as well as also having the indicators built in to the bumper as well.. Does anyone know the make/name of this front bumper...
  3. New Boostjunkies Shop/Website is LIVE :)

    Hi All Just a heads up, Our new Website is live, We have some of our products listed with lots of existing and new products being added daily :) Pop and have a look Thanks Matt
  4. Nitto RB26 to 2.7 stroker kit

    Fully Loaded Cars
    Nitto RB26 to RB27 Stroker Kit now available from Fully Loaded Cars. NITTO's RB26DETT Stroker kits are designed for use in all motorsport classifications including drag racing, drifting and circuit racing. Rotational capability is lifted to 12,000 RPM and power handling is rated to 1600 HP. The...
  5. Latest Offer! "YOU OFFER"!!!

    Knight Racer
    Right guys and girls. We've done this before and it's proved to work quite well for saving members money on here. So everything in the list below we have in stock, we will play it like "You make me an offer"... PLEASE ONLY MAKE SERIOUS OFFERS VIA PM AND PLEASE BE "REASONABLE"... We will allow...
  6. Thinking of fitting a HID kit? Read this.......

    Good information here, illegal kits can endanger other road users. The test PDF's at the end make interesting reading also!