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  1. Projects and Restorations
    After owning one of the very first R35's to hit UK roads back in 2008 which we used to showcase our GTR products. So I'm sure some of you have seen it at previous shows and magazines.... It was later sold and now after nearly 18months without the GTR, frankly I started to miss it. We are...
  2. Knight Racer Or if you have fast broadband connection - watch in High Definition here -
  3. Knight Racer
    Although we post offers regularly here for you forum members, we also have them running on our Facebook page and not limited to just Nissan Skylines. So if you have friends of friends who drives anything other than Skylines, then why not get them to "LIKE" our page, and "LIKE" it yourself too of...
  4. Projects and Restorations
    Craig was originally booked in just for a front end conversion... 1. R34 GTR Nismo Hybrid Carbon Bonnet 2. R34 GTT East Bear Spec2 Front Bumper and FRP Splitter On arrival, you saw the rest of the kit and he must have fell in love with it, as he ordered to have the complete kit fitted and...
  5. Knight Racer
    Total Nissan Magazine July / August 2010 issue now available at WHSmiths and Sainsbury's or online at:
  6. Knight Racer
    Magazine available at WHSmiths and Sainsbury's or online at:
  7. Knight Racer
    Add us on facebook to follow our latest events, newest products and offers!
  8. Knight Racer
    FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY we are offering our very own KR Vented Front Wings for the R33 GTS fitment for only £150.00 including UK DELIVERY!!! Why are these different?? We took a brand new set of Genuine Nissan R33 GTST steel front wings, modified and fabricated (out of metal) the vents, and...
  9. Projects and Restorations
    This is a recent project completed by Knight-Racer. Customer collected the car the day before ISTS/Skyline Parade.... as witnessed by the skylien convoy from Scotland (when all 12 skylines decided to turn up unannounced! haha) Here's the work list (as far as i remember) All work carried out by...
  10. Knight Racer
    A recent photoshoot of 2 silver R35 GTR's with our Carbon Aerokits fitted, some subtle differences between the two which in my opinion makes it a good combination for photography. Enjoy :)
  11. Knight Racer
    We have recently launched our KR BLOG page which is a sub-site of, containing are recent activities, events, updates, new products, projects and special offers. So please remember to check it regularly for offers which might catch your eye ;) Click on the button below to...
  12. Knight Racer
    Bigs thanks to the knight racer boys, had problems thismorning but joe waited for me to arrive to collect my carbon goodies Cheers Lads
  13. Knight Racer
    my carbon bonnet arrived today and got it on straight away! perfect fit, cheers ps. love the stickers on it too :)
1-14 of 16 Results