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link g4

  1. FS: A few goodies

    Parts for Sale
    Just getting rid of a few items. All items are used and in good condition unless specified otherwise. Prices do not include shipping, but PM me and let me know where you're at and I can provide a reasonable quote. Here's a quick list of what's for sale, details are below: Z32 MAFs N1 Oil Pump...
  2. Link G4 / Wideband install

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    I am in the process of installing my G4 and AEM wideband and have a couple of points i need clarification on. 1. I am ok to remove the old narrow band o2 sensor as it will be running a wideband? 2. Can i power the wideband from the narrow band heater supply from the ECU? Is it a constant 12v...
  3. Rb25det running link g4 wont start

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi everyone im new to this site and have a BIG problem. A few days ago i got my r33 back from the tuners after having a link g4 installed. It used to be fine but now its a ******* to start. you turn the key and it winds over but nothing. sometimes when i back off the key, it will start with a...
  4. Stickers!!

    Projects and Restorations
    She's gone from a completely std R33 GTST with just new wheels on To looking like this Have now just fitted new wheels and other bits to the car, what ya reckon? Here's the current spec; ENGINE: • Rising sun front mount intercooler • HKS S40i spark plugs • Apex-I power fc + Palm...