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  1. General
    Hi, I’ve in the middle of converting my R33 to manual and the mechanical side has all gone well. I got everything needed off a lad on eBay including his Loom and ECU. I ripped out the old loom on the weekend and plugged in the new loom. Everything plugged in except one plug next to the fuse...
  2. Projects and Restorations
    Hi, Just really need some help and advice. I have a R33 Coupe[2 door] which use to have a RB20e engine[Automatic Trans.] I just put in a RB25de, S2 engine into it [came out from a Stagea, also Automatic Trans.] I have the stagea loom which came with the engine but there were too many...
  3. General
    Hello I have r32 gtst and it need the fuse box loom replace the one that has the headlights on it. Will the r32 gtr loom fit in the r32gtst
  4. Parts Wanted
    As above looking for the loom that goes from the ecu to the rb25det engine. Cheers