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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi All, ill be looking at finally getting the old girl mapped this year and was wondering if anyone had experience with certain mappers that they would like to recommend? Im from down in Kent but obviously will be happy to travel where ever to a well recommended contact. Im running a Megasquirt...
    To my fellow Europeans, once again.. Sorry if you missed Session 13 (its been and gone and filled fast before I could even Post it on my blog , here or DW Im currently planning my 2013 Schedules and what will be my 14th European FC Tuning Session @ DP Engineering, Holland No official date...
    not sure how well this will go down.. anyone is free to comment.. basically this space is for the self tuners out there.. if you have any questions to why what or how.. what equipment to get, how its used etc. im here to help.. mapping is my passion, not just my job.. i would like to see...
  4. Knight Racer
    For those who might have a second car or know of anyone running a diesel car, we can offer mapping services to either save fuel, increase power and torque... or BOTH! :)
1-4 of 4 Results