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  1. Mansfield meet at HIQ Garage

    Cancelled due to weather worries ,will be arranged for another time. JDM East is having a meet at HIQ garage this Saturday .Please nip along if you are free. 2pm HiQ Mansfield Unit 1 Abbey Trade Park, NG18 5DN Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
  2. HIQ Mansfield open day with JDM East Saturday 14th March 2pm - 6pm

    East Anglia
    Hiq Mansfield are having an open day this Saturday 14th March 2pm - 6pm , with Midlands based JDM East Japanese car club . There is a burger van and weather permitting RC Drifting and photographers will be there through the day.It would be great to see any of you guys there ...
  3. UK Midlands Based Search for 350gt

    General 350/g35
    Hey guys, found this forum a couple of days ago and joined yesterday with the intention of getting as much advice as I can! (before probably ignoring and buying the wrong car :p) I'm currently driving an audi s4 and fancied something a bit different and a little bit more special and after...
  4. RR Day Sunday 13th November @ Area 52

    Guys, Martin AKA MADMAK has organised a bit of a Rolling Road Day and BBQ at Area 52 this Sunday, appreciate that some of you might of taken your cars off the road, or sold them.... but would still be good to have a little meet, as the end of the season for meets is coming. I'm not sure if...