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  1. Miklor's, Stainless Clamps and T bolt clamps

    Mikalor's, Stainless Clamps and T bolt clamps Hi All, We are stocking a large selection of Clamps now so if you require something a bit beefier to hold boost hoses, etc please give us a shout :) Mikalor clamps T bolt clamps Stainless Jubilee style clamps and specialist fuel line clamps...
  2. Parts We sell :)

    Hi All, We have in stock, Alloy Blanking Plugs from 8mm to 35mm Vacuum Hose 3mm,5mm,8mm in all SFS colours (some 10mm in limited colours) Boostjunkies Vacuum Hose Kits, all the SFS colours, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Black, White, Purple, Yellow. Boostjunkies coloured Conduit Kits (Blue...