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    I'm in the market to get a new radiator (the oem one took a crap). Anyways, I'm in the US and the place I've going to get parts for my r32 is rawbrokerage (which is a hour up state). Mishimoto Performance Radiator R32 - Raw Brokerage Koyo 53mm Aluminum Racing Radiator for Nissan Skyline GTR...
  2. SX200/180/S13/14/15
    Team Raidopower Motorsport Nissan 200sx S14a 2,2l Drifting Spec Short history of the car: The car was bought 2005/2006 (original) and after at broken headgasket it was left standing in the garage until the fall 2009 when we started to work with the car again. Here you can see the finished...