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  1. Audio / ICE
    I've just got 2 of these Alpine 15" type R subs.. But am confused about how to tell whether they are 2 or 4 ohm ?? How many watts they are..and what the best Alpine-Amp would be to power just the one above ??? Any and all help would be much appreciated :) - Martin.:cheers:
  2. General
    :attention: As the header suggests : Can anyone tell me what front Bumper this is ?? Regards Martin.
    Hi I'm looking to buy my first skyline but I can't find any around where I live and is it possible to have them imported here? (San Diego)
  4. General
    I am really liking this front bumper and am thinking of buying it !! ..I also like the GTS/GTR front bumber and the 400R also, ideally I want to add rally-grade HID Fog's as well as also having the indicators built in to the bumper as well.. Does anyone know the make/name of this front bumper...
  5. General
    :attention::attention::attention: Does anyone know what MAKE & MODEL these wheels are ?? I want to get the center caps etc for them... !? ^These are the only stickers on them, if that helps at all ?? Regards Martin :cheers:
1-5 of 5 Results