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  1. N/A Forum
    For those who are in the United States that don't know how to look for parts or is able to find brake parts for their car. This thread will be here for people to reference when finding break parts. Use this info at your own risk. I am just posting what I have observed while working on this car...
  2. N/A Forum
    so i’m still learning about engines and wanted to know if it was possible to turbo my N/A stock r34 rb25de auto skyline without absolutely ****ing the engine. i have a scarles bolt on turbo with everything i need except the exhaust manifold, i’ve talked to a couple of performance workshops and...
  3. General
    alright im saying this is important because it really is. i need to get this done asap and cannot find much info. i have a four door r33 non turbo auto. i wanna sway the box for a rb25det gearbox. my questions 1. is it possible because of the gear ratio? 2. what else will i need to replace like...
1-3 of 3 Results