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  1. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Need some help with the center console wiring. Had the car for roughly 9 months. The center console only had climate control, there are screws in the dash which I believe were from a GPS or something. I will attach a photo of the center console. it's like everything was ripped out (radio and...
  2. Newbies
    I am wondering where to look for center consoles, Im in Kentucky and I get my skyline in a few days. If there is anyone in like the Louisville area or near Ky with skylines what could help that would be awesome!! Thanks, Natalie
  3. Newbies
    Hello, During this whole COVID-19 deal, I have now resorted to surfing the web and found this place and now I'm here. I currently live in Japan and that's pretty much it, oh and I like cars 🤓 (the photo below is my BNR32 GT-R) I sent it back to the states as I don't have a garage here in Japan...
  4. Newbies
    HIyaaaa, my name is michael, i am new on here i have just recently bought a bright yellow R34 GTT, one step close to my dream car of a R34 GTR i do have questions about the car, but looking around on here and there are alot of posts, so i will have a read and see if any of them answer my...
  5. General
    Hey guys, big time for me.. loved skylines ever since i saw one (about 10 years ago) however my knowledge on cars in general is low... about to purchase my first skyline looking to sell my 2013 elantra to do so. So my question to you all is: What kinds of things am i looking for not to get a...
  6. Newbies 350/g35
    Hi All, Allow me to introduce myself. I am a new member here. Signed up as I am planning to buy a 350GT and be a part of the Skyline fraternity :) I was initially looking for a 350Z but then decided on 350GT. I thought they were not available in UK. Though I am looking for a Black one but...
1-6 of 6 Results