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  1. New to skylines

    Hey guys, big time for me.. loved skylines ever since i saw one (about 10 years ago) however my knowledge on cars in general is low... about to purchase my first skyline looking to sell my 2013 elantra to do so. So my question to you all is: What kinds of things am i looking for not to get a...
  2. My first skyline. R33 GTST

    Hey guys. I'm new here as ye may know. Recently bought my first skyline. Really impressed with it. It's my 3rd car overall as I'm only 22. The car has 88,000km/55,000miles. Has RB25DETT engine with upgraded turbo,intake, mani, exhaust, map etc. Currently making 424bhp. This makes it a...
  3. new car

    General 350/g35
    hey guys you might remember my post from a few months ago, well a couple of weeks ago I finally took the plunge and bought a 350gt, and boy am I happy! as always though I've got a few projects to sort out: first up the headliner at the front rattles on less than perfect roads, I think maybe...