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  1. Looking for advice

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, and I'm currently looking at a few skylines I might buy. I've seen some GTS-Ts and GTS-4s around, and I want to gather a little information first. :bounce: My other vehicle is a 1995 4Runner. When I first bought it, I thought it was great. But then I started looking...
  2. moving to nz from uk

    Hey guys im moving from uk to new plymouth in may, i cant wait as my current home is pretty much the laughing stock and dead end town in england haha, i am writing to ask where would be the best places in nz (online or in person) to find a r34 gt-t and what things should i look for when viewing...
  3. Buying an R34 GTT - questions on daily driving and cabin noise

    Hello everyone, I just joined the forums and wish to have some help deciding: I'm planning on buying an R34 GTT, and have been searching all over the net for info on buying guides etc. but I am still not convinced on two things: I drive alot, and currently have a VW Golf 6 1.4Tsi. However, if...