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  1. Parts for Sale
    Was part of the car when I bought it many years ago. Was unfortunately part of a crash and I saved a few parts. This thing has been sitting pretty in a glass cabinet for years but I don't think I will ever own another BNR32.
    €1,500 EUR
  2. General
    I have the nismo clutter that was originally in kph but was changed to mph does anyone know of a link to change it back as I need it in kph
  3. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    I have the nismo cluster it was originally in kph but was changed to mph dos anyone have a link to how I change it back to kilometres?
  4. Parts Wanted
    Hi, I’m looking for skyline ER34 RB25DET Combination Meter nismo 24810-RNR40 New or used
  5. Vendors
    I recently purchased my 1990 gtst. The previous owner does not know many specifications about the vehicle and I really want to know if the front mount is a genuine Nismo cooler. I wish to know because if it is I would definitely restore it, however if it's not I would probably just throw a...
  6. Parts Wanted
    Currently looking for the old type Nismo turbo gauge exactly as one in pics If anyone has one and would consider selling please let me know Thanks
  7. Parts for Sale
    Nismo goodies for sale for R32 Front Upper Link P#54556-RS580 Rear Upper Link, Rear P#55135-RS580 Needed adjustable arms and switched off, no issues with these- bushings are good. Purchased brand new, about 8k miles on them. Asking $350 for both sets. Located in Hilltop / San Pablo CA-...
  8. Parts for Sale
    I have some parts brand new in their boxes i bought for my R34 4wd build The cars near completion but i have lost interest in the build now and another cars caught my eye so i am selling everything off.. The car included so see the classifieds on here and pistonheads as of 4/2/2020 - Brand new...
  9. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hi guys after a little bit of help with where is can source a set of the nismo/altia side skirts like this as i can't seem to find them anywhere or if someone has some for sale even better. Cheers Chris
  10. Wheels/suspension/Tyres/Brakes
    My main concern is, can i fit R34 GTR suspension arms on my car. If i were to buy a Nismo circuit link pro set 2. For an R34 GTR, Would i be able to fit it onto my r34 GT4 (awd) i know the lower coilover mount is different but will the linkage themselves work? Also will R33GTR breaks fit...
  11. Parts for Sale
    Extremely rare Nismo dash clocks for a R32 Gtst. Came out of a 1991 car. Only works on models with blue backed clocks. Price £200 + postage.
  12. Knight Racer
    400R Style. Smoothed off front indicators to allow for any flat indicators to be fitted as the specific indicators for the original 400R front is proofing more and more difficult to get hold of now. 100% Perfect Fitment guaranteed! This is a re-developed mould as the old one showed signs of...
  13. Knight Racer
    Got 3 of these to give away at that BARGAIN PRICE £119.99 inc VAT!!! P&P within UK £20
  14. Knight Racer
    Got 2 of these left in stock! RETAIL £650 + VAT Now only £550 all in, delivered within UK!!! shipping outside UK please pm me for quote :) TWO in stock available at this price only!
  15. General
    Hi Guys, I love Skylines, but very little about them (I only know the basics - LOL). I have a question that I've googled about a gazzilion times and haven't found a simple answer to it, so I thought I would come to the 'Skyline Central' and seek your expertise. ? My question is: Will an R34...
  16. Knight Racer
    Got a set of BRAND NEW GENUINE NISMO Suspension S-Tune Springs Nismo high performance S-Tune Suspension Springs give great performance whilst being comfortable on the street. •Lowers car up to 20mm, reduces body lean, pitch and dive •Provides neutral, balanced handling •Spring rate is...
  17. Parts for Sale
    Hi I have a Nismo FPR for sale which in good working order and in good condition looking for offers around £40.00 plus postage about a fiver! any more info or pics needed please pm me cheers Martyn
  18. Knight Racer
    Got this HYBRID CARBON BONNET which got damaged in the container on way here. R33 GTS Spec 1 Nismo HYBRID CARBON BONNET. From photos below you can see its an ultra light and ultra strong real carbon bonnet, doesnt even need the fibreglass backing skeleton or plates like regular carbon bonnets...
1-19 of 27 Results