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  1. JAE 2016

    I was just wondering is the club going to JAE this year. I'm thinking of going and wondering if there's a stand or if anyone knows of a club with a stand that fancy another skyline on it. Cheers Chris
  2. Monkey's Bayside R34 GT-T

    Projects and Restorations
    Thought it's about time I started a project thread and working away seems like a good excuse. On the 14th of December I became the proud owner of this 2000 fresh import just registered, super clean especially underneath pretty much rust free Bayside Blue R34 GT-T. A few details Facelift...
  3. moving to nz from uk

    Hey guys im moving from uk to new plymouth in may, i cant wait as my current home is pretty much the laughing stock and dead end town in england haha, i am writing to ask where would be the best places in nz (online or in person) to find a r34 gt-t and what things should i look for when viewing...
  4. R32 Overfenders.

    Hi, I was looking at a few R32 photos on my phone, and I saw one and thought "Wow, that looks really different to any other GTST I have seen." I looked into the owners build thread and he said it had overfenders on it (but he might have been talking about when he bought it and he could have...
  5. NISSAN 3E

    General Whilst on-line looking to upgrade my phone I came across this ^ Nissan has unveiled its own Google Glass rival, the Nissan 3E, which was officially launched at the Tokyo Motor Show...
  6. R32 importing for 2014

    So I'm confused on where I should even start with this. So I guess I'll just go for it. Now say I bought an 89 R32 from a Japanese Auction, what would I have to do? Pay them obviously but would they then become the Importer/shipper or do I have to find a shipper? Now with the Customs...
  7. rb25det rattle from cam. help !!!

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hey everyone. i have a rattle comming from my exhaust cam up near the pully/cam angle sensor is. i am not to sure what the problem is. i am not running vvt if that matters at all. it only happens at low rpm. and after just lightly acceleraing. here is a video :) any help appreciated :) thanks...
  8. Anyone know anything about Nisfest?

    As the title says, anyone know if there is a Nisfest being organised for this year/next year? Would be awesome to take the old Skyline to it and see some mint Nissans.
  9. GTR33 brakes overheat problem

    Gents this is my first ever thread..i got used of this website ALOT..thanx to every one so i worked hard to buy my first car ever..which is skyline R32 GTS :) and started to wotk on it, first thing i put new engine ( its2JZ-GTE ):werd: i know ! now i have this brakes problem..i did R33 GTR...
  10. Utopia Trailer

    The Photograpy Section
    Here ia a quick look to a film shot in Alberta canada on a abandon track. full film coming in the next few weeks! Enjoy!
  11. Skyline non turbo

    What would i have to do to a r32 or r33 non turbo to make it as quick or quicker than a non turbo supra cause they are way faster.
  12. R33 engine build question

    Projects and Restorations
    NOTE: I know this has probably been covered before but the search isn't working on my phone for some reason, and it's hard to find all the answers to your questions sometimes. Please don't flame, I would have searched if I could.* *So anyways, I'm buying an r33 in 3 months if rb25, or in 6...
  13. New nurnburgring record!! video section
    OMG !! not sure if this is a niab ... bt i do not care..this is so epic it is worth being a repost!! :P Youtube : there is a vid on FB too : i was...
  14. R32 Rb20Det to Rb25Det Engine Conversion

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hi, i've had my skyline for 4 months and the Exhaust manifold bolts are sheered into the block, The head needs to be removed and brought in to be tapped out, i was considing a Rb25det Conversion If anyone has any info or experience with a Rb25 to a R32 Please let me know I was also curious...