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  1. General
    Hi, I recentley got an R33 2L straight 6 non turbo automatic.. and whilst I am aware that this is probably 'the weakest LINK' among the Skyline peeps and their performance R33's.. BUT! My 1st Question is :- What engine modifications etc can I do without adding a Turbo to get the most out of...
  2. Projects and Restorations
    Hi, I've made a thread in the "Newbies Section".. Here's a LINK :- But have now decided to start a thread in the "Projects and Restorations" area :) ..I'll add a few pics from my last thread just to get you up to...
  3. General
    What would i have to do to a r32 or r33 non turbo to make it as quick or quicker than a non turbo supra cause they are way faster.
1-3 of 4 Results