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  1. Another oil post.....advice needed after rebuild!

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    When I bought the car, about a month ago. The chap had just had the engine rebuilt and had the following done: Bored 86.5, Carilio Piston Crowns, Pistons gapped to street performance, RB26 rods, ACL small and big bearings, APR head studs and nuts, new oil pump and water pump, triple layered...
  2. RB25 PCV Valve Issue???

    So i was cruising down the road and realized i was blowing white smoke so i turned the care off and opened the hood and there was what seemed to be oil that came out of my breather on my valve covers. My idle sounds a little off and when i put my finger over the pcv it seems its barley pusing...
  3. RB25DET NEO no oil from feed

    Ok so after a few months of upgrading the turbo, had new manifold, top mount holset hx32, custom oil feed line, return and exhaust. bla bla all the required parts, primes the turbo with new oil, removed spark and cranked engine over. No oil what so ever came out of the oil feed line, tried...
  4. worrying oil pressure

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hello, i have a r33 rb25det with semi synthetic 10-40w oil. when the car is fully warm and been driven normally for say an hour the oil sits at around 180-200f however the oil pressure is dropping to around 9 or 10 psi on idle at traffic lights. its all topped up to just below the max line. is...
  5. RB26 Oiling Issues

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello Everyone! I will be importing my very first R32 GTR skyline from japan in the coming months. As a future GTR owner as well as person who cares about their cars, I of course have some questions. I will be aiming for 450awhp. From doing a bit of research, the earlier models of the RB26 had...
  6. rb25det. pcv? whining noise till i remove oil cap

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    after driving and the engine gets hot i get a whining noise from somewhere in the engine but when i remove the oil cap the noise goes away. and there is quite alot of vacuum in oil cap area and dipstic area. not sure if its normal or not :) any help appreciated :)
  7. Oil & Filter Service Pack ONLY £35!

    Knight Racer
    We have limited stock of this awesome stuff - Nulon 15w-50 Fully Synthetic Street and Track High Performance Engine Oil. More information can be found here: We are doing a special offer price for 5 litre tub and oil filter...
  8. Nulon Additives in stock

    Knight Racer
    We have a load of Nulon additives in stock going for £10 per bottle. Intended for temporary solution for the problem at hand (although they have been proved to work for a long period of time)
  9. FREE SHIPPING til 27th July at Opie Oils – No Minimum Spend

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    Hi Guys, We've got free shipping until Midnight Wednesday 27th July at Opie Oils with No Minimum Spend Needed To receive Free Shipping at Opie Oils to you will need to enter Voucher Code: FREEPOST Free Shipping applies to United Kingdom mainland orders, including Highlands. For all...
  10. Skyline Oil Filter £5.99 FREE DELIVERY!

    Knight Racer
    Replacement Oil Filter for only £5.99 with FREE UK Delivery. Website price is £4.50 + £1.50 delivery + VAT = £7.20 Now only £5.99 ALL IN DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR! Just paypal to: [email protected] Please type in your username, "skyline oil filter", then your delivery address Suitable...
  11. Oil in intercooler pipework

    Fitting a fmic today and found that when I pulled the old pipework off inside it had a light coating of what I can only describe as 'oily soot' / 'a little bit of non gritty black sludge' . Engine is running well and doesn't appear to be using oil. Exhaust isn't noticeably smoky. Car has about...
  12. Engine oil, Diff Oil amounts: R32

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi all, It's probably been covered a few hundred times but searching through pages of info is painstaking at best. I'm looking at getting some new plugs & oil for my r32 GTS-4, and wanted to know what to buy and how much? I think the spark plugs should be NGK BKR7EIK ? How much engine oil do I...
  13. K&N oil filter for rb25det

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Picked up a k&n oil filter from a motor factors yesterday but I'm not 100%sure it's the correct one for a series1 rb25det. It's alot smaller than the oem filter. The part no is Hp-1008 cross reference Fram Ph6607 Anyone know if it'll do ?
  14. Which is the proper oil for an R32 Gts-t, RB20DET?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Can anyone tell me which is the right oil to put in a 92 R32 Gts-t RB20DET? Thanks for any help.