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  1. r33 gtst over boosting and hitting fuel cut?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    as above pretty much standard car, has FMIC but standard turbo,actuator and boost solenoid but once you give it throttle it will overboost and hit fuel cut ive seen it hit 15psi by the time i had let off? have changed the actuator still no difference also while the actuator was off i checked...
  2. Boost problems

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Been trying to up the boost on it and bought a spring and ball manual boost controller. No matter how much I turn it up it stays at 0.5 bar. I undo the valve 1 click and it overboosts. The overboost sensor pipework has been dusconnected but the wiring is still on it. I have an R33 GTS-T by the...