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    I've been looking for a group or club or anything with people who have Skylines, just to get a better idea what options are out there for my car. I know of a handful of R35 GTR groups but they are exclusive to either R35's only, or GT-Rs only. (I own a GTS) Anyone know of any groups of anything...
  2. General
    Hey SkylineOwners, as some of you may know, the latest edition of Forza Motorsport is on it's way and is looking to be a big improvement to the previous games. I know that many of you may not be interested in computer games, or do not have the time to play them due to work/family commitments...
  3. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi Just got my first skyline after wanting one for many years, i am changing the cam belt and water pump, also putting new shocks on the rear as you wouldnt beleive how bouncy it is. The paper work i have with the car is next to nothing, does anyone have the owners manual on pdf for example...
1-3 of 3 Results