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  1. California Skyline Owners Group(?)

    I've been looking for a group or club or anything with people who have Skylines, just to get a better idea what options are out there for my car. I know of a handful of R35 GTR groups but they are exclusive to either R35's only, or GT-Rs only. (I own a GTS) Anyone know of any groups of anything...
  2. Forza 4

    Hey SkylineOwners, as some of you may know, the latest edition of Forza Motorsport is on it's way and is looking to be a big improvement to the previous games. I know that many of you may not be interested in computer games, or do not have the time to play them due to work/family commitments...
  3. Skyline GTS R33 2.5

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi Just got my first skyline after wanting one for many years, i am changing the cam belt and water pump, also putting new shocks on the rear as you wouldnt beleive how bouncy it is. The paper work i have with the car is next to nothing, does anyone have the owners manual on pdf for example...