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parts needed

  1. Technical
    Hi everyone I own a 1989 R32 GTR and I'm looking for a part or a place to order this part from and I'm having trouble. The part number is 41700.5U00. It's a high pressure line assembly under the car I think for the HICAS system. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. General
    Having a nightmare sourcing a pair of door mirrors for my R32 GTS-T after my girl got vandalised a few months back, I'm UK based, anyone have any suggestions?! Also looking for a new fuel tank as she was imported with 15k miles and it would appear has been sat for some time so having a rust...
  3. General
    HELP !!! Sadly my Nissan Skyline R33 GTS RB20E (Auto) NON TURBO lost power and felt like it was gonna stall.. It was a mission getting it back home and had to drive sketchily home 5 miles away at no more than 15 mph... every time I slowed/stopped for traffic lights the accelerater pedal became...