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  1. Technical
    Hi everyone I own a 1989 R32 GTR and I'm looking for a part or a place to order this part from and I'm having trouble. The part number is 41700.5U00. It's a high pressure line assembly under the car I think for the HICAS system. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Parts for Sale
    After breaking my R33 GTS-T i find myself with a a few bits left over i now need out the way so i can get another car in the garage, up for grabs is the following items; ANY OFFER CONSIDERED on all items looking to clear this stuff out quick. Large FMIC no pipe work, no leaks, £40 collected...
    Selling extremely quiet exhaust :naughty: Struggling with exhaust noise for the roadworthy of your newly purchased Skyline or Japanese import? I have the exhaust for you. Exhaust quiet enough to pass even the strictest Victorian roadworthy assessor. My friend and I used it to pass our...
  4. General
    hi everyone i need door locks for my r32 coupe. will r33 coupe locks work aswell?
    someone has put a brick through my back window, just wondering where would be the cheapest place to get a replacement? all help is appreciated
  6. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a replacement undertray and wheel arch cover for drivers side. will consider new or from breaking.
  7. General
    OK, so I've been thinking... I'am in 2 minds whether to buy a GTST and transfer parts I've bought for my GTS across to it ..and sell on my GTS either for parts etc.. Or Buy a GTST Engine and drop it into my GTS.. (which could work out more costly) :attention: But should I choose to do a...
  8. Parts for Sale
    Hi I need these gone as I have no space to store them at my new house. 2x white door mirrors in good working order £65.00 delivered uk 1 black drivers door mirror in good working order £40.00 delivered uk 1x pair GTR front lower suspension arms blasted & in silver. £60.00 delivered uk 1x...
  9. Ireland
    Hows the going lads, looking for 30mm - 50mm front and rear over fenders. Im not too botherd if there damaged. cheers.
  10. Parts for Sale
    Selling part of my R33 project to finance getting the dumb thing started; All prices listed are in US Dollars, so everyone gets my crappy exchange rates as a bonus! Yeay! Everything listed is priced O.B.O. and without shipping costs included in the asking prices. All parts are located in...
  11. General
    I have recently bought a large collection of random R33 GTS & GTS-T Parts..and being the 'Noob' that I'am ..have no idea what alot of it is...!? I have decided to take some pics tomorrow, and will upload them to this thread along with a number.. My aim is to learn what each of these items...
    my 1998 series 2 R33 gts has a front lip that is beaten to **** by steep driveways and is actually split in half at the bottom anyone selling? or know a good place to buy? (preferably in melbourne) should fit the stock indicator/foglight units (rectangles with cut corners)
  13. Parts for Sale
    R33 GTR clutch conversion kit, brand new bearing - Pull - Push adapter £60 + postage R33 GTR standard centre triple gauges £35 + postage Greddy Oil Temp Gauge in silver, with red needle + wiring (no sensor) £40 + postage R33 GTR Standard front brace (strut bar) £35 + postage Standard R33 GTR...
    R32 parts compatability list Ok guys since the R32's are coming close to the 25yr importation exemption law, lets get a list of CONFIRMED compatible parts that you can get here in the states. RB26DETT engine: Oil Filter (95-98 240SX) CONFIRMED Z32 Fuel Filter (90-96 300ZX) pending... Chassis...
  15. Knight Racer
    We are shipping in containers full of half cut vehicles and parts... the next one is due in a couple of weeks with some of the following parts if anyone is interested :) Tanabe Sustec Pro S-S Nissan Skyline R32 Suspension Kit Apexi Nissan Skyline R33 Series Suspension Kit Nismo Nissan Skyline...
  16. Parts for Sale
    I have a mixture of R33 parts for sale and others still to find/remember from my previous cars, If you need any parts pm me as I may have them somewhere lol R33 GTR Standard radiator in excellent condition £50 + p&p R33 GTR After market full exhaust with silencer bung(buddy club middle...
  17. Knight Racer
    We have just taken delivery of a rear ended R34 GT. Absolutely all parts are for sale. Please see pics and video on the KR Blog - Thanks Albert
  18. Parts for Sale
    Its killing me to do this but its going towards the GTR fund.... Breaking my Series 1 R33 GTS-T in black for parts. Its been to a few N.E. meets if anyone remembers. It was picked out of many of our members cars for a mag feature for revolution motorsport alongside ChrisC's white beauty...