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  1. RB25 PCV Valve Issue???

    So i was cruising down the road and realized i was blowing white smoke so i turned the care off and opened the hood and there was what seemed to be oil that came out of my breather on my valve covers. My idle sounds a little off and when i put my finger over the pcv it seems its barley pusing...
  2. PCV and hose questions r34

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello again all, just looking for an a few answers as ive been searching for 2 days now and failed lol 1. The r34 pcv valve in my car has no gromet, although its a very tight fit does it need 1? 2. Is the pcv hose from manifold to rocker cover the same on the r33 and the r34 as it seems to be...
  3. rb25det. pcv? whining noise till i remove oil cap

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    after driving and the engine gets hot i get a whining noise from somewhere in the engine but when i remove the oil cap the noise goes away. and there is quite alot of vacuum in oil cap area and dipstic area. not sure if its normal or not :) any help appreciated :)