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    I want to have 400r Rear arches (KLO) and the bonnet painted matt-black.. I've had much help from 'Davie' but dont want to keep bugging him with 'little errans' ;) .. If someone could please help me out here I'd be very grateful. Regards - Martin.
  2. Photoshop Forum
    I would like to see my car as it is now, but with a carbon bonnet (original) and also in 4D 'WET-LOOK' Carbon'...and again with KLO Silver ( ^ the same as the wings and doors) ...Sorry for asking for so much, But I wan't my R33 to look perfect and not at all Hal-fraud-sy :) ..and also add...
  3. Photoshop Forum
    Above is my car still needs to be re-sprayed light Silver (same shade as the doors), and the bonnet, roof and spoiler will be carbon wrapped.. ^Above are the wheels I plan to put on my R33 But I am un-sure of what color I'll be having them in.. ^I found N4TH4N on this site, who has...