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  1. Question about installing side feed injectors with a greddy style plenum rb25det

    Hey guys, sorry if this question has been asked before but i have searched around heaps and havent really gotten the answer i was looking for.. From what i have read you cannot install a greddy style plenum with a standard side feed rail.. is this correct? Is there a side feed aftermarket rail...
  2. Group Buy? plenum for the R33 GTST

    Apex Performance Parts Ltd
    Bren, Can we have another group buy of the sexy :boobies: aluminium Greddy style plenum for the R33 GTST, before xmas is unpon us
  3. Standard R33 Clutch + lower section of inlet plenum

    Parts for Sale
    Standard plenum lower section £10 + P&P Standard R33 GTST Clutch, was fitted to the engine I brought, was holding well with a FMIC, induction kit and full exhaust @0.85bar £40 delivered.