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  1. R32 HICAS issues..

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey all, newbie here. I've had an r32 here in south florida since may, been fixing it up. People say its one of the cleanest ones around here.. ..not to brag.. but anyway, I got some issues with my HICAS system, and I need some advice. When the car first got here, the HICAS light would come...
  2. Electrical problem? Power steering? HICAS? Help!

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Electrical problem? Power steering? HICAS? Help! Dash flickers and electrics cut out. Hi, I've tried searching for this problem for quite some time now and can't find it anywhere, so I've decided to make my own thread on it. If someone has seen it somewhere, please link me to it. So i have a...
  3. R32 Power steering pump HELP!!!!

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    I've searched thru a lot of forums and just cant' find a solid answer. So, I have an R32/RB20 with a R33 PS pump that the previous owner swapped. (HICAS has all been removed) It works but the R33 PS pump has just two ribs on its pulley _^_^_ and the RB20 crank pulley it goes to has three...

    Hi, I found when I got my R33 GTS that the steering wheel was a mission to turn, another member on this site told me that I should top up my power steering bottle until the level was correct.. I did this...and for about a week or so the steering was greatly improved.. But now its all tough to...
  5. Hicas.....??

    Right guys i have read all the info i can find on HICAs however it does not seem to metion my issue i have with it. So i have had the car for 3 weeks now and everytime i have filled up the HICAS light comes on and stays on untill the engine is started from cold again. It has only come on when...