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  1. someong help before i end up selling

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hey everyone, getting really fed up now as the car is becoming a money pit and not solving the problems!!!! I have a fmic, divorced but plumbed back in elbow / downpipe, and hard pipes. its running the stock turbo and is overboosting when it gets to about 5k going up to around 15psi and is...
  2. Turbo troubles :(

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello, Got a r33 rb25 and it was running stock turbo at 12 psi. Car seems to be a little sluggish and free revving won't go above about 2psi. I used to get 12 psi at about 3500 but now it's struggling to hit it even at 6k! Is this the turbo saying good bye or is there a more likely option...

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hey guys, so during a normal midday drive i noticed my car cutting fuel or ignition when reaching 2500-3000rpms. the problem increased with every 10min or so. now when i start it up it idles really low prob about 400-500rpms and looks like it running on 4 or 5 cylinders only with black smoke...
  4. No Start Issue

    Projects and Restorations
    Hello everyone, let me start off with saying I own a Nissan Skyline R33. Recently its been sitting up for awhile due to no funding for repair. The car was running fine before but after being laid up for so long im having a no start issue. I replaced the fuel pump relay, ignitor and coils. But im...
  5. R33 Gtst Bee r rev limiter problem

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Car is r33 gtst series 1 with Orginal ECU. I havent cut any of the wire loops in the box (white, grey, brown).I have the wires in these pins. Green wire 41, Yellow wire 42, Red wire 49, black wire 50. Gain set to 1 and rev1 to 7 and it cuts really slow. And its not constant. Sometimes it pauses...
  6. Gts idle problems

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    my 1996 gtst won't idle. it will not stay running without me putting pressure on the gas pedal. ive tried claning the idle air controll valve and adjusting up the idle speed on it. allso checked for vacum leaks. when i disconect the throttle position sensor the car will idle but the rev will...

    Upon installing my new Momo Wheel I came across a problem....The little golden looking pin thing that reaches to the back/bottom of the Boss...Doesn't reach the back of the Boss :( :attention: Does anyone know if a longer pin is available or a raised thing that'd make the pin contact the base...

    :attention::attention: Hi, I went to go for a drive earlier when I noticed a very noticeable sound clunking away in the engine sounds like it is coming from the big fan or somewhere near there, any idea's what it could be ?.....sound's terrible !? ??? Please reply asap Regards Martin
  9. help me!!!! car wont start, relays ticking, lights dont work.

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hey everyone. my car started up fine yesterday. but today it wont start. when i turned the key the relays in the bottom left side started clicking. and nothing will work. when i turn my lights on they dont come on and everything just shuts off. when i press my horn everything shuts off and i...
  10. HELP !!! LOCKED OUT!SNAPED KEY NO SPARE !! :( :( ???

    :attention::attention::attention: As the title suggests, yesterday I snapped my bloody door-key in the lock of my R33, and to make matters worse it was the only key!! My brother is gonna attempt to remove the bit of key thats stuck in the lock still (I presume) later this afternoon.. But now...

    I've decided to start this thread, because I am sure I am not alone with this problem :- I have a TOM TOM XL and have an Up-to-date HP DV6 laptop running Windows 7.. BUT for some reason my computer simply wont recognize the USB device !? All I want to do is change/update my UK maps and...
  12. Help low rpm studder

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello and thanks for your help. im a engineering student who just picked up an auto series 2 r33 gts25 import in Australia for a run around. iv racked up about half a year of driving already with no problems until a few months ago when the fuel pump failed i got it replaced by a auto electrician...

    Hi, I found when I got my R33 GTS that the steering wheel was a mission to turn, another member on this site told me that I should top up my power steering bottle until the level was correct.. I did this...and for about a week or so the steering was greatly improved.. But now its all tough to...
  14. heater problem

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hi i had bought a R32 GTS-4 a few days ago and the A/C does not work, also when putting the temp to 32 it still blows out ice cold air. I had did a Climate Control Diagnostics test on it to day and got the following readings: 25 when the HOT switch is pressed once 3 then goes to 30 when the...
  15. Acceleration problem

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi guys, when im driving mt 95 gtst skyline i can put the foot down and theres a great boost of power when i hit 3 or 4000rpm but when in second or third gear it revs up and as it hits 3 or 4000 rpm it boosts but seems to stop for second before going higher in the revs ? i dont know whats...
  16. rb20de problem. any ideas??

    ive got a rb20de r32. pretty much since i got it (almost a year) ive been having problems. some times while driving the car will jerk as if ive taken my foot off the gas to quickly even though my foot hasnt moved, or it feels like the engine has died but fired again because the cars moving. also...