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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Been trying to up the boost on it and bought a spring and ball manual boost controller. No matter how much I turn it up it stays at 0.5 bar. I undo the valve 1 click and it overboosts. The overboost sensor pipework has been dusconnected but the wiring is still on it. I have an R33 GTS-T by the...
    hey guys, so my mate has a rb20de r32 gts and he was coming back from his road trip when the car decided to start playing up, it seems to be running rich, loosing power while drivng ect and has black smog up the back bumper, he thought it could be the coils, so he installed a wasted spark set up...
  3. Projects and Restorations
    Well here is my car! its pretty stock, I some Work Equip wheels on there, 1 is bent so i've got a spare up on the front passenger side. She came with Tein Coilovers, unfortunately, okinawa is a small island and everything rusts, so the coilovers are too rusted to adjust, I was hoping to go a...
1-3 of 3 Results