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  1. General
    Hello all ! Unlike many of you, I am not one with too much knowledge on cars, tuning, mechanics, electrical or other. I have myself an R32 that I brought back from Japan when I was in the military. Currently I live in California so my first obstacle will be getting it insured and registered to...
  2. Cars Wanted
    Wanting any of the above cars if anyone has any for sale, just want a clean slightly modded example, all mechanically sound but preferably a good paint job with all the existing parts on it without cracks in headlights etc. Budgets around 20k, Message me what you have thanks!
  3. General
    Having a nightmare sourcing a pair of door mirrors for my R32 GTS-T after my girl got vandalised a few months back, I'm UK based, anyone have any suggestions?! Also looking for a new fuel tank as she was imported with 15k miles and it would appear has been sat for some time so having a rust...
  4. General
    Hello I have r32 gtst and it need the fuse box loom replace the one that has the headlights on it. Will the r32 gtr loom fit in the r32gtst
  5. Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a bottom end or possibly tall block for a R32 GTS-T RB20DET Cheers :)
  6. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Having a bit of an issue with my r32 gtst, intermittant issue that doesnt happen everytime i drive however it is getting more and more frequent and generally when the car is HOT, it will top out at 2.5k rpm and shake and jump and generally have a fit, if i gear down which would normally put it...
1-6 of 6 Results