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  1. Want to Buy R32 GTR OEM Wheels

    Parts Wanted
    Looking to buy a set of 4 OEM GTR wheels for the R32. im based outside of Philadelphia
  2. Parts Wanted
    Hello, I'm looking for R32 GTR 1993 SARD STACK complete loom wiring with sensor. I have the meter and I contacted Sard Japan and they told me that they are not anymore manufacturing it. anyone is having idea or can help in this?
  3. General
    Hey all, I have an R31 GTS-R on it's way to the UK and unfortunately the interior is naked, I want to restore what I can and find it impossible to get hold of rear seats, I know rear seats from a GTS, GTSX fit into a GTS-R. However no-one is japan or aus so far has been willing to ship seats...
  4. General
    Hey everyone I need some help please I pulled my CAS, front cover and valve covers off to paint. After putting them back on; the car will build boost in 1st gear, full throttle and rev like it’s going fast but won’t speed up very much. Seems to pull okay in higher gears but sometimes breaks up...
  5. Tuning, Technical Questions
    unsure if im posting this in the correct forum, i just created an account here to ask this question. I recently picked my 1992 Skyline GTS-T up from a repair shop hoping they could fix my A/C. the guy said my condenser fan was shorting out the fuse and that i need to find a new one, just curious...
  6. Parts for Sale
    Was part of the car when I bought it many years ago. Was unfortunately part of a crash and I saved a few parts. This thing has been sitting pretty in a glass cabinet for years but I don't think I will ever own another BNR32.
    €1,500 EUR
  7. General
    Hey everyone Im having trouble with my 32! It all started when I was moving and it started to overheat and I ended up towing it to my new destination. I come to find out it was my radiator. So I replaced it with a 50 mm Greddy. Thinking it would be more than enough. Then I had to buy new fans...
  8. General
    I have an R32 where my instrument cluster surround is garbage and none of the buttons work. I'm looking into buying a new (to me) one and almost all the ones I'm finding are for cars with a rear windshield wiper. Does anyone know if the wire connectors are the same regardless of if the surround...
  9. Projects and Restorations
    Crashed my 1990 Nissan skyline gtst rear ending another vehicle and bent the front left of my chassis rail is this fixable and is so how much $$$ am I looking at??
  10. General
    Hello, I am looking for a pair of r32 gtst indicators. Would shipping to us be available? And how much?
  11. Newbies
    im looking to get my rb25 tuned. right now I'm running 7psi and I want to up the boost and I'm wondering how much power/boost i can run with the existing mods, my goal is adleat 400whp -GT2530R turbo -apexi power fc ecu -front mount intercooler -kyorad radiator -550cc injectors -255lph fuel pump...
    Willing to travel pretty much anywhere in the US to pick one up. Condition not necessarily an issue as long as it's not rusted. I have an RB25 I've been rebuilding over the years and I don't really want to drop it in an S-chassis. Also, I'm unsure of how difficult the hunt for one of these...
  13. General
    Good morning, I just picked up my r32 skyline last week and its missing a good amount of interior pieces. The only one preventing me from driving it safely is the rear view mirror. I've looked all throughout google couldn't seem to find anything for the HCR32. If anyone has one for sale or knows...
  14. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi, I was pointed towards you whilst trying to find some information the HKS ETC (Electronic Torque Split Controller) and EDA (ETC Drag Adapter), I've got an HKS ETC hooked up to my 1992 R32 GTR, and i'm honestly having some difficulties fully understanding how to operate it. I read what you...
  15. General
    Okay guys so I have noticed this noise become more and more prominent as of lately. It used to be intermittent and so I thought it was just an exhaust leak out of the manifold or the manifold turbo gasket, but now that it's not going away (like it used to) I've become a bit concerned lol. The...
  16. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi there, Let me first say I am completely new to engine swaps, the closest being removing body panels and bodywork. I realise it's a daunting task but I found a good rolling body with newly rebuilt gearbox. Not much RB20DETs with anything lower than 180,000km when there was a rb25det with...
    I have a set of r32 gts wheels 16x6.5. I have no need for them, anyone know what they are going for? They have slight curb rash on 2, from the previous owner.Looking to sell them for other parts I may need in the future.
  18. Tuning, Technical Questions
    R32 GTR Please Help I have Break fluid slowly leaking from this hole I can't see anything in it is it meant to be a bleed screw there?
  19. Projects and Restorations
    So three years ago i purchased my 1992 Skyline GTSt Type M from a buddy. It was a bog standard GTSt Type M, one owner car, garaged kept in Tokyo. It was around this time i discovered an extremely rare regional variant of the R32 GTSt built in 1992 (Saitama) and 1993 (Kanagawa) to represent the...
  20. Tuning, Technical Questions
    i have a r32 with an series 2 rb25det. here’s a list of mods. there are others that i have not listed. im wondering how to get 2 step or launch control for cheap. could i just get a dyno tune? i want to stay away from the Bee R rev limiters because they destroy your turbo. any thoughts? -HKS...
1-20 of 122 Results