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  1. Swapping in an RB25DET into R32 GTST

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi there, Let me first say I am completely new to engine swaps, the closest being removing body panels and bodywork. I realise it's a daunting task but I found a good rolling body with newly rebuilt gearbox. Not much RB20DETs with anything lower than 180,000km when there was a rb25det with...
  2. r32 wheels

    I have a set of r32 gts wheels 16x6.5. I have no need for them, anyone know what they are going for? They have slight curb rash on 2, from the previous owner.Looking to sell them for other parts I may need in the future.
  3. R32 GTR Please Help I have Break fluid slowly leaking from this hole i cant see anything in it is it?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    R32 GTR Please Help I have Break fluid slowly leaking from this hole I can't see anything in it is it meant to be a bleed screw there?
  4. R32 GTSt Type MR clone

    Projects and Restorations
    So three years ago i purchased my 1992 Skyline GTSt Type M from a buddy. It was a bog standard GTSt Type M, one owner car, garaged kept in Tokyo. It was around this time i discovered an extremely rare regional variant of the R32 GTSt built in 1992 (Saitama) and 1993 (Kanagawa) to represent the...
  5. rb25 two step

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    i have a r32 with an series 2 rb25det. here’s a list of mods. there are others that i have not listed. im wondering how to get 2 step or launch control for cheap. could i just get a dyno tune? i want to stay away from the Bee R rev limiters because they destroy your turbo. any thoughts? -HKS...
  6. Series 2 Rb25det, Missfire

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey guys just thought I’d put a post up and ask some people’s opinions while we are on lockdown here in NZ. I’ve got a series 2 25det in a 32 coupe and it’s missing / stuttering right on limiter, like it won’t sit on limi and bang off it . Eg if I’m in a slide it’ll be fine till I wana clutch...
  7. Opinion on this R32 GTR?

    Hey everyone! I've been poking around on the forum for a bit while I've been looking at buying a GTR, but I just set up an account. So a little background - I live in the US, I'm currently going to college, and I may be studying abroad in Japan this coming fall. Long story short, my...
  8. R32 GTR fuel pump in gtst

    I am looking to replace my fuel pump in my 90 gtst with a aftermarket walboro 255. A seller on ebay has one for a gtr and i was wondering if that would fit into the tank.
  9. R32 4 door Skirts

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    looking for ever and cannot find a OEM set of type m sedan side skirts. Anyone have a lead?? Im located in Washington and willing to pay to ship!! The new ride has made it to the states and is in need of some aesthetic mods asap!
  10. FS: R32 GTR Leather trimmed interior (R33 fitment)

    TMS Motorsport (aka The Moff Shop)
    Hi guys, We've just got these seats in stock, R32 GTR Front seats re-trimmed in leather and what we suspect to be R32 GTR rear bench (R33 fitment). Really good condition with no wear on the bolsters, bit of sagging on the drivers seat base. Ideally after £950.00 however I'm open to sensible...
  11. rb20e with rb25det ecu and loom

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi, im looking to buy a r32 shell rolling body (car with no engine or transmission) and the owner says it has a rb25det ECU and loom I have a r33 series 2 gts coupe at home and was wondering if i could use the engine from that. It has an unmolested rb20e now my question is if i install the...
  12. Putting a Turbo into a R32 GTS

    I own a GTS and was looking at possible setups for getting a turbo installed into my car. I know that it would be easier to sell my car and buy a GTS-T instead, but I've gotten in contact with a few sponsors. My questions are: - What is the stock turbo in a R32 GTS-T - What is the...
  13. Introducing Myself!

    Hello, My name is Brandon! I am 19 year old from Colorado. I recently purchased an R32 GT-R from Canada, she is gunmetal grey and her name is Kate. I'm still getting into cars and thought joining a forum for my car would help me get to know her better. I drag race often, I currently have a '01...
  14. R32 Brake problems after swap to GTR

    So I have a daily driven 89 Skyline GTE (no ABS) that I swapped to 5 lug hubs and R32 GTR brakes. Im using freshly turned OEM rotors, new Hawk ceramic pads and steel braid lines. At first I just used the stock GTE booster and master cylinder. After I fully bled the system and took it out to bed...
  15. In the market for coilovers

    I'm looking for a good set of coilovers for my R32 GTS-t. I do a good heap of road racing so, harsh cornering is going to be a thing, but this car is also my daily. I've been looking up on some reviews and such and also the difference before pillow ball and rubber mounts. Anyway, I came to the...
  16. R32 GTS-t Radiator fitment question

    I'm in the market to get a new radiator (the oem one took a crap). Anyways, I'm in the US and the place I've going to get parts for my r32 is rawbrokerage (which is a hour up state). Mishimoto Performance Radiator R32 - Raw Brokerage Koyo 53mm Aluminum Racing Radiator for Nissan Skyline GTR...
  17. Does this look like a legit ac compressor?

    I found this ac compressor for my r32 gtst and I was wondering if anyone has bought anything from this site and can vouch for it. cwv617 car air conditioning auto ac compressor for nissan skyline R32 oem 506231 0094-in Air-conditioning Installation from Automobiles & Motorcycles on...
  18. *RB32* Smoodys RocketBunny R32

    Projects and Restorations
    well I think its about time i made a build thread for this seen as though ive unveiled it to the public on facebook! im smoody and I drive for automotive workz drift team. It is to my knowledge the first rocket bunny v2 r32 skyline made. I built this car from initially purchasing an r32...
  19. RB25DET NEO conversion; limp mode

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi guys, Have been researching for days about this issue, but to no avail. Sorry for the wall of text, it is my attempt at being thorough! I have recently dropped a RB25DET NEO (Stagea version) in to my R32. Quick run down: NEO loom - have had an auto electrician add required plugs for R32...
  20. r32 gtr is sluggish from 4000 rpm :(

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi guys apologies if this has been covered before..... I have searched for weeks and pulled up similar cases but not the same as mine. I have recently bought a 1992 r32 gtr. Mods as far as im aware are : kakimoto ecu k&n pod filters cat back 3" exhaust with cat removed My problems are car...