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  1. General
    1993 R33 GTST So to preface, I just finished putting my car back together after and engine rebuild and I replaced the clutch and throw out bearing while I was at it. After a quick test drive I noticed a rattle coming from the gearbox area rolling down the road. It’s persistent with the clutch...
  2. General
    Hi Guys, First post! basically my Spec 1 R33 GTST has been sat for a while and then I decided to start using it again regularly it has been fine for months until yesterday.. I decided to put new sparkplugs and coil packs as I was having an issue where I started to get a bit of a misfire on...
  3. General
    So i was cruising down the road and realized i was blowing white smoke so i turned the care off and opened the hood and there was what seemed to be oil that came out of my breather on my valve covers. My idle sounds a little off and when i put my finger over the pcv it seems its barley pusing...
  4. General
    Hi guys, I recently got myself a 95 R33 GTST, and I'm in love. However, the front brakes are squeaking horrendously when gentle applying the brakes coming up to junctions/lights etc. So, I did the norm and replaced the pads, no joy. So dug deeper, and have now ended up doing almost EVERYTHING...
    Does anyone know where I can an GTR Style front bumper for an R33 GTST Series 2 in Australia? Also are the Series 1 and 2 front bumpers the same?
    Does anyone know where I can an GTR Style front bumper for an R33 GTST Series 2 in Australia? Also are the Series 1 and 2 front bumpers the same?
  7. General
    Amber from the Jap-Mad Club in Essex has sadly had her pride and joy STOLEN & right before Christmas :( :( HER MESSAGE AS FOLLOWS :- •*•*•* HELP! Nissan Skyline R33 STOLEN! •*•*•*• Please Share!! Car is believed to be somewhere in Spalding, Peterborough area. Number plate M69JGB. Without...
  8. Parts Wanted
    I have been trying to get a set of GTS-T hubs and brakes that are in good condition to do a conversion on my R33 GTS... I've done alot of things to/for my car in the space of a year, but am now pretty skint/in debt for that reason.. I really want to get my new wheels on...they are sat in a...
  9. General
    Does anyone know where i can get a body kit like this
  10. Knight Racer
    400R Style. Smoothed off front indicators to allow for any flat indicators to be fitted as the specific indicators for the original 400R front is proofing more and more difficult to get hold of now. 100% Perfect Fitment guaranteed! This is a re-developed mould as the old one showed signs of...
  11. Boostjunkies
    We have the following in stock ready to ship:) 1 x Blue intake hose comes with clamps 1 x Purple Intake hose comes with clamps £86.50 posted in the uk cheers Samy
  12. Boostjunkies
    Here is a price list of the Mikalor clamps in stock Mikalor 9mm wide Worm Drive W2's 8mm-12mm 8mm-16mm 12mm-22mm 16mm-27mm 20mm-32mm 25mm-40mm 30mm-45mm 32mm-50mm 40mm-60mm 50mm-70mm Mikalor 12mm wide Worm Drive W2's 20mm-32mm 25mm-40mm 30mm-45mm 32mm-50mm 40mm-60mm 50mm-70mm...
  13. Cars for Sale
    R33 gtst updated with pix 29 03 11 R33 GTST AUTO Maroon red N reg 50km + 30k miles on the clock 7 months mot 2 months tax 18" inch alloys, deep dish-new tyres HKS induction 5 inch exhaust Few bad points- needs studs doing on manifold £1500 no offers Bumper has beem changed now
  14. Parts for Sale
    Standard plenum lower section £10 + P&P Standard R33 GTST Clutch, was fitted to the engine I brought, was holding well with a FMIC, induction kit and full exhaust @0.85bar £40 delivered.
  15. Projects and Restorations
    She's gone from a completely std R33 GTST with just new wheels on To looking like this Have now just fitted new wheels and other bits to the car, what ya reckon? Here's the current spec; ENGINE: • Rising sun front mount intercooler • HKS S40i spark plugs • Apex-I power fc + Palm...
1-15 of 18 Results