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  1. R33 Clutch bracket

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hello! I am in the midst of doing a transmission swap to my 1999 Nissan Skyline gtt, I am just left with getting a clutch bracket. Does anyone know if the R33 gtst clutch bracket will mount up? any feedback is appreciated! thank you in advance.
  2. Another oil post.....advice needed after rebuild!

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    When I bought the car, about a month ago. The chap had just had the engine rebuilt and had the following done: Bored 86.5, Carilio Piston Crowns, Pistons gapped to street performance, RB26 rods, ACL small and big bearings, APR head studs and nuts, new oil pump and water pump, triple layered...
  3. 1JZ GTE R33 1993

    Yo, ive just purchased this 1993 GTS-T R33 with a 1JZ GTE Toyota engine 520bhp its currently in Spain but its Irish registered. Saw a Skyline owners sticker in the bay and was wondering if anyone knows anything about the car or any previous owners. Any help or info would be appreciated. She is...
  4. RB25DET idles weirdly after warming up

    Hey all, yesterday, I came back home and when I turned on my street, my engine started stalling and dying out. It was in 1st and I had to keep revving it gently to avoid stalling. It lost all power and wouldn't go above 5km/h. I wanted to go park it, but 500 meters before my house, everything...
  5. Wiring Issues

    Good morning all, so today when Installing a new gauge I was under the dash and found a heap of dodgy wiring done by old owner, in desired need asap to figure out wtf is going on. Firstly what are the 2 units in the photos for they have some really shocking wiring running to them. Secondly...
  6. Looking for a R33 GTST '97 Series 2 frond drivers side right headlight.

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a R33 GTST '97 Series 2 frond drivers side right headlight. I have cash waiting in my paypal and i need one asap! Thanks.
  7. Getting r33 gtst back on road after 18 months

    Hi guys I am after some advice on how I can get my car safely back on the road after not being driven or started for 18 months. I lost my license due to medical reasons and the car has been kept outside. Due to circumstances the car has not been started or driven in just over 18 months. Before...
  8. Building a forged Rb25DE

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey guys, when building an RB25, are there any major differences between the 25DE and 25DET that I should be aware of? I know about the minor differences like oil squirters and intake manifold being different on some 25DEs, but for purposes of putting in forged pistons and rods (for a turbo...
  9. looking for R33 or something as powerful

    Cars Wanted
    Hi there im looking at purchasing another skyline if possible or equivalent powered vehicle. I have around £5,000 to spend maybe a little more if the rite vehicle is offered. Please can you send me details and Pics to my e-mail along with a price as im not on here often atm, But will log in...
  10. R33 gets-t steering rack help needed

    Hey fellas, looking at replacing my owner steering rack as it has a huge leak! Just wanting to get any advice from someone who has tackled it? Do I have to take out any cross members to get it out? Any help is much appreciated thanks!
  11. BODYWORK - possible panel replacement

    Projects and Restorations
    As there are no proper rear arch replacements to be found for reasonable money, Does anyone know of a panel off another car that comes close so I can at least get it bodged?
  12. Hi All,

    Projects and Restorations
    It's been a VERY long time since i was last in here. Formerly i went under the tag of "hesh" and was north east area rep some years back... Those of you with long memories may recall i had to sell my motor cos my military career ended rather suddenly. Now the car is back up for sale and i've...
  13. Need advice on entering the R33 scene

    Im an 18 year old and I'm on my P's. I'm currently driving a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer which to be honest is very boring to drive and is incredibly slow. My uncle owns a 1994 R33 GTS-T but does not drive it at all and it is sitting in his backyard. The car hasn't been driven in almost 10 years so I...
  14. rb20det wacky compression?

    Hey guys Just looking for some opinions on a wet and dry compression test I did on my rb20det, note i did this when the engine was completely cold. Dry test I got around 75psi on all cylinders so I expected with a wet test for it to go up. wet test showed around 78psi on all cylinders. Does...
  15. R33 parts need to go!

    Parts for Sale
    R33USED parts cheap cus they need to go! Hi Due to house move a garage clearout is required and to help fund moving too! R33 GTSt exhaust front pipe OE £25.00 R33 GTSt turbo elbow £20.00 R33 GTR (96) Aircon pump £ 50.00 R33 climate control unit £30.00 R33 GTR triple guage set oil...
  16. FS: R32 GTR Leather trimmed interior (R33 fitment)

    TMS Motorsport (aka The Moff Shop)
    Hi guys, We've just got these seats in stock, R32 GTR Front seats re-trimmed in leather and what we suspect to be R32 GTR rear bench (R33 fitment). Really good condition with no wear on the bolsters, bit of sagging on the drivers seat base. Ideally after £950.00 however I'm open to sensible...
  17. r33 gtst over boosting and hitting fuel cut?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    as above pretty much standard car, has FMIC but standard turbo,actuator and boost solenoid but once you give it throttle it will overboost and hit fuel cut ive seen it hit 15psi by the time i had let off? have changed the actuator still no difference also while the actuator was off i checked...
  18. Carpet removal and re-installation

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hey guys, looking for some advice, I'm about to pull the carpet out of my R33 as I am having the interior painted and putting new sound deadening into the car as part of a restoration. Any advice on how to get it to sit back down nicely after removal, had a quick look and it's held down by an...
  19. GTS25T Badge Help

    Does anyone know where I can find a badge like this for my Skyline?
  20. Ceramic impeller Destruction / Failure

    Ceramic impeller destruction So I finally got my car back. Ceramic impeller on the back turbo went during a standard service at the shop i regularly visit. Fortunately I have a warranty on the car and the engine replacement was covered. I have attached some pictures to show what happened...