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  1. General
    Yesterday, my boot emblem snapped off and I know these are pretty difficult to find, I’ve looked at several websites but found nothing. If anyone has came across one, let me know, I appreciate it!
  2. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Dose anyone know where you can get a digital dash for a r33 gtst would appreciate the help 😇
  3. General
    Hi all, i am new on this forum. Looking forward to share and learn experiences and knowledge 😁. So the thing is, i bought a r33 and the cluster is not working, nothing. Th car have a aftermarket Vems v3 ECM. When you change the stock ECM to a aftermarket one, you need to modify the harness...
  4. Projects and Restorations
    Hey! I’ve been looking online for some time now and can’t seem to find anybody selling Genuine KN6 Dark Grey Pearl for the R33. My Car is OEM KN6 but I’m planning on getting a body kit for it and would like the paint to match. Anyone have any references or ideas ?
  5. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hello guys, ive done tons of research without coming to a conclusion. Firstly i want to apoligize for my not-so-good English. So what im looking for is a solution to getting both DRL (park lights) AND indicators fitted in my headlights. And i want them both to be fitted where the DRL already...
  6. General
    Just bought a 1995 r33 vspec and I’m looking to change all the fluids. Does anyone know what weight oil does it take how much does it take of that I also need to know the same info for the transmission (what brand is the best for the transmission fluid).
  7. Newbies
    Hey guys! New to this forum, but not new to the GTR world. I just finished up new round of mods on my R33 GTR build, including PPG Sequential (full billet) 6-speed gearbox, running Haltech 2500 Elite. You can see the new video of the Dyno Pulls, Full Sequential PPG Transmission driving, and...
  8. General
    Hey Gang, Looks like all of us R33 owners are finally gonna get our break! I can see values rising after the new Transformer movie hits the air...
  9. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Do both r33 SEDAN tail lights fit the same? One tail light is pushed out a little, with no orange directional. The other taillights are pushed in, with an orange directional. Someone tell me if these fit the same?
  10. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    I need to know if I buy kits and parts for the r33 if it will fit the 4 door version. Thanks.
  11. Tuning, Technical Questions
    I replaced my fuel tank in my '95 R33 GTR due to a fuel leak and broken fuel level sensor. The replacement tank seems to have a different fuel level sensor than my previous. New fuel level sensor connector (3 wire): Old fuel level sensor connector (5 wire): The problem is that I now have a...
  12. General
    So I am looking at importing a skyline either a R33 GTR of R33 GTS-T depending on prices, and I was going to use bpro as I've heard lots of good things about them but then I was using rightdrive cause I was curious of the price range of GTS-T's and GTR's and most of the GTR's on right drive were...
  13. Projects and Restorations
    Hey guys just started the process to get my stock r33 rb25DET to go for 450hp. I've only just purchased a few things but if I could get any criticism on the rest of my supporting mods that'd be great. Keeping stock internals as I see it's around the 500hp mark is where you need to be pulling...
  14. General
    Hi, My Spec 1 R33 GTST is in the body shop at the moment having a JUN kit fitted. I went to see the progress yesterday and i noticed i havent yet bought a new grill for it. I'm struggling to find a GTR style grill if anyone has any pointers of where i can order one? preferably from the UK but if...
  15. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hello everyone i am looking to change the front end of my R33 GTST (rb26 swap) to the GTR front bumper. Is it a simple bumper swap + grill or do i need to change a whole lot more. I just recently got my car so i don't know to much about Exterior differences on the GTST and GTR Thanks
    So among troubleshooting some engine sounds, afm(issues?), and no boost, i noticed this cable is broken. Looks like ground of some sort but not sure to what and have been in thread after thread trying to find some info but no luck. the area around the bolt is pretty corroded, but if anyone might...
  17. Traders Discussion Forum
    As the title says looking for a r33 power steering pump have looked all over the internet for one for sale can’t find one of one of you do and want to sell it please pm me
  18. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello fellow Skyline owners! I’ve had my car in the garage for 6 months now, during winter time. Before I put it off I had the car remapped. During the mapping session the car suffered from intermittent missfires on higher rpm. Then when I was done and started the car to drive home the car only...
  19. Newbies
    Hi everybody my name is tom the luckiest man in ireland bcoz I won a car but not any car but my dream car........a skyline. I'm sorry that I finally got into your club by unfair means but I really understand the importance of what I now own bcoz it been my dream since I was 16. So I just got a...
  20. Wheels/suspension/Tyres/Brakes
    So I spun out, hit the curb and my rear left tire on my 1996 R33 Gtst took the impact Upon inspection from a performance and body shop, the subframe is bent an inch, control arms tie rod and other suspension components are damaged. No shop in Vancouver B.C (where I’m located) will take the car...
1-20 of 240 Results