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  1. Projects and Restorations
    Hi Folks Back in early 2015 I rebuilt my GTR which belonged to Ian Turbo on here and as it was my keep focused project I told him it would be restored as best I could under the circumstnaces but I definately wouldn't break it!! Well 3yrs later it's still in my ownership and still looks pretty...
  2. Parts for Sale
    Hi Time to get this out of my shed ready to moved house. it was bought from Skyline part as a good spare box for my car but never got used! £400.00 ovno collection only or you arrange carrier. regards Martyn
  3. Parts for Sale
    Hi Folks No longer need these coil packs so they are for sale as I need the cash £220+ p&p regards Martyn
  4. Projects and Restorations
    Bin away from here for a while due ill health and financial issues but with a little help from my dad funding some of this for me I decided to fall back into a GTR where I feel comfy lol I bought it like this. it didn't look too bad on the surface tbh but once I started looking close i...
  5. video section
    Hi Folks I wnet down on friday night in torential pouring rain and was knackered by the time I had got to our hotel! Saturday morning was very misty but warmer and best of all no rain. We arrived at Santa pod and the strip was wet and the trac, crew were drying the surface with the jet track...
1-5 of 5 Results