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r34 4 door skyline gt

  1. General
    Hi all, I have an ER34 and plan to restore her to the factory standard and sell her much later in life as a "stock standard ER34". She is an Auto RB20DE NEO. I have few people agreeing that putting a Manual RB25DE NEO in her won't take her away from being factory standard as some came like...
  2. Wheels/suspension/Tyres/Brakes
    My main concern is, can i fit R34 GTR suspension arms on my car. If i were to buy a Nismo circuit link pro set 2. For an R34 GTR, Would i be able to fit it onto my r34 GT4 (awd) i know the lower coilover mount is different but will the linkage themselves work? Also will R33GTR breaks fit...
    Hey guys, Just wondering where is a reliable and fair priced place to get my car serviced in Adelaide. cheers
  4. Cars for Sale
    SOLD For Sale is my R34 Nissan Skyline 4 door GT. I bought the car at the end of October last year with the intention of doing a RB25DET manual conversion on it from an R33 (£1500 for an engine and box), 18's and coilovers (the R34 4 door actually accepts R33 coilovers). However, the Mrs loves...