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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello! After thorough research I just could not find an answer that really fits my question, which is why I am asking here, thinking that I can get a good answer. So - I imported an R34 GTT from Japan, which was used as a drift car. I know I had much work to do to get it back to the streets...
  2. General
    Car is failing on emissions on lamba has anyone had this issue ? How did you solve it it’s been mapped and has hi flow cat it has passed the emissions every time previously
  3. Cars Wanted
    Wanting any of the above cars if anyone has any for sale, just want a clean slightly modded example, all mechanically sound but preferably a good paint job with all the existing parts on it without cracks in headlights etc. Budgets around 20k, Message me what you have thanks!
  4. Tuning, Technical Questions
    hey folks, i have an r34 GT4, 4 door! im currently in the process of gathering parts to turbo charge my motor. I would like to run NEO rb25DET pistons, I just don't know if the pistons will work or not. Has anyone done this or knows and can show me infact it will work I beleive the head is...
    Hey guys im moving from uk to new plymouth in may, i cant wait as my current home is pretty much the laughing stock and dead end town in england haha, i am writing to ask where would be the best places in nz (online or in person) to find a r34 gt-t and what things should i look for when viewing...
  6. General
    Hey guys and girls. So heres basically whats happened, I ran my car our of fuel as im Disqualified driver and it turns out that the police love my car so I can't really take it to the petrol station and I tried to turn it over with 10 liters of 98 octane and it won't turn over, The starter...
  7. Boostjunkies
    We have the following in stock ready to ship:) 1 x Blue intake hose comes with clamps 1 x Purple Intake hose comes with clamps £86.50 posted in the uk cheers Samy
  8. General
    Has any one on here got 20" wheels on a R34, if so are there any clearance issues and a pic would be good. Cheers :alco:
  9. Tuning, Technical Questions
    r34gtt neo upgrade/tunning hi guys what do you suggest for a nice upgrade i do not want to change my internals what i have is a r34 neo stock engine an open exhaust system apexi avc-r boost at 0,9 apaxi intake and a fmic what are my options and how many hp do you suggest what is the...
1-9 of 10 Results